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What an unfunny turd sandwich the premier episode was. I was hoping for good things, because I like Joel McHale. But soon he’ll have a running joke on The Soup about his sitcom getting canceled. It can’t happen soon enough.

I thought it was okay, not the Office but I’ll give it a shot. Could have been worse, could have been Parks and Recreation.

Yeah I thought it was a fairly strong first episode - sitcoms almost always have shitty starts.

I liked it as well. Pretty good start.

Yeah, I liked it much more than Parks and Recreation, though Joel McHale was carrying all of the scenes that didn’t include John Oliver.

I don’t know. I thought tonight’s Parks and Recreation was incredibly funny. But it took most of last season to get its feet under it. I think Community has made a strong start, but I wasn’t laughing at it nearly as much as I did at the two shows preceding it.

Parks and Recreation got better with each episode. I almost gave up on it after the first few, but was then able to watch like 5 in a row on On-Demand and I was sold. As everyone does, I think McHale is hilarious on The Soup. So, he’ll get a couple passes. The show needs a Rashida Jones.

This was incredibly better than I thought it was going to be, the pacing and writing being spot on for me. I’m curious if they can keep it up. The pakistani guy is awesome (Aved or something?)

“If it’s a serious disease, why didn’t they call it meningitis?”

It was so much better than the premier episodes of The Office or Parks and Recreation it’s not even funny.


You have to love a show that makes fun of aspies.

The pilot was written by the quite talented Dan Harmon of Heat Vision and Jack and Channel101 fame.

I think he should have actually been a lead. Also, it seems that the supporting characters far more interesting and far more developed than McHale’s character, who just seems to be a stock smartass.

I think I have a built-in bias against the guy who plays Aved (sp?) because he was in the world’s most annoying recent cell phone commercial about “butt-dialing.”

I didn’t like the show, but I liked the “butt-dialing” commercial. Go figure.

I thought the show was good enough to watch again. It even had some interesting serious lines. However, I thought McHale was easily the worst part of the show. It’s not him as an actor (I don’t even know the guy) but his character. He’s way too solipsistic, although they did hint that he would grow as the series continues.

Agreed. This week’s Parks was pretty solid and probably the best yet, but I still think Community edged it out.


It was quite good.

That’s the best first episode I’ve seen since Party Down. Loved it.

Wow - apparently I really missed something. I’ll give it another chance.

I’ll give it another chance. Pilots usually suck, and I laughed a few times here, so it was a decent start.