Comp Stomp Monday! I

I don’t know if I’ll be able to make an upcoming one of these, but Supreme Commander/Forged Alliance against the AI is always a bucket of fun.

Let us know when you can make it, and we’ll put it on the docket.
We like to give people some notice, in case people need to go out an purchase/download the game.

In the meantime, we usually have a few games during the week, starting around 9:00 PM EST time. We just like to have a regular event preplanned for people.

Totally down for Supreme Commander. Been years since I last played that at a LAN of one of my friends.

We are going to do a bit of Age of Mythology tonight, if anyone is interested. Just check out Discord.

How’s the COH opponent AI doing these days? I really loved playing COH1 back when it came out, but last time I played it the AI just kept on building SdKfz 234 armored cars over and over again.

I’m not sure what they did with it, but it seemed like the AI was much worse than when the game originally came out. I might fire COH up again if the AI has been fixed.

It’s still pretty spammy, but in that game at least it built a good mix of armored cars and stugs. We also found we had to bump the difficulty up to hard for the AI to pay any attention to the VPs, which is kind of unfortunate. The AI still does send squads of pioneers everywhere behind your lines capping points, and it is still just as annoying.

Currently, I don’t own the expansion for Supreme Commander, so that probably won’t be the game for this Monday (I threw it on my wish list though, so if it goes on sale, I will grab it).

That being said, if you three want to join us and play Supreme Commander, I think you will get a lot of takers. As long as there are people there ready to play a game, it will happen.

So, the Monday Comp Stomp for Monday lolFebruary 12th is a special selection in honor of the Olympics.
Age of Mythology

As always, we start at 9:30 PM EST.

Please keep in mind, although this is the game we are announcing, please feel free to stop by and see what other games are going on. We sometimes plan several different types of games.

It looks like we might have at least 4 this evening. What’s fun is that a single game can host up 12, so there is space for 8 more

If anyone would like a 75% coupon for Dawn of War 2: Retribution, please let me know. We might do that for an upcoming comp stomp.

So, with the sale going on and the recent give aways from Sega what would be people like to play this Monday! All options are okay, as long as you come out to play.

At @Otagan request, and because it is on sale, tomorrow will feature supreme commander 2.

That’s was fun! So, I guess AoE isn’t yet widely available, so what should our game be for next week?

So, tomorrow’s game will be Dawn of War 2 Retribution. Join us for some fun!

Looks like it is Age of Empires 2 this week. Come join the fun.

That was a lot of fun! Too bad we cut it a little shorter than usually this time.

It looks like next week will be Dawn of War 1 with the ultimate Apocalypse Mod. Let me know if that is something of interest to people.

Just a reminder, it’s 2130 EST (keep in mind for folks abroad that DST has started in the US). The mod mostly adds more powerful end game units to the game, as well as some interesting tech upgrades.

So, any suggestions for tonight’s gaming? I was curious if there are any good TBS games that are good for Multiplayer comp stomp.