Company of Heroes 3: mamma mia, we Total War now!

The crew has to die to leave the gun. ;)

Well, that sucks. BTW that DLC is weird. There weren’t any strategic or resource points to capture, or any base building. Just had a couple of airborne squads and later an anti-tank gun, an engineer squad, a machine gun squad, an armored car and a hero unit as the missions required. I suppose the German missions in the ToV DLC are similar. I remember liking what I played of the British campaign in Opposing Fronts, although I never finished it–it felt more “normal” although as I recall the base could be moved.

So what do those values correspond to? Which one is “normal” speed? I’d like a way to set things to about half.

Last couple of days I’ve been playing the British/Canadian Liberation of Caen campaign of Opposing Fronts. Did OK through the Capriquet mission where you take the airfield but the next mission is one where you have to hold the hill you took before.* I don’t know how on earth people manage those missions. The population cap is so restrictive, and then they’ll send you a couple of tanks you never asked for which pushes you over it, so you have to purposely let people/vehicles/units die.

*Coincidentally the point where I got stuck in the American Invasion of Normandy campaign, on the mission where you just took the hill the mission before and now you have to defend it. I don’t know how the hell you’re supposed to counter artillery barrages from batteries you can’t attack, right near the end.

I think 10 is the default speed.

Request thread title change to “Company of Total War 3: All good Nazi’s go kicking and screaming (that is interesting)”

I think it’s 10. However, I’ve only played on the I’m-old-and-don’t-enjoy-clickfests speeds of 1-3. And the normal speed game means you can’t enjoy the graphics (a problem that the Total War games have, too).

Cool. I’ll try putting 5 in as one of the values and see how that works. I still pause it occasionally (with the Pause key, which I wish could be remapped–maybe I can do it with my Corsair keyboard’s macro software, because reaching over with my left hand is a PITA and half the time I take a screenshot with the F12 key).

In your experience, does one have to enter the console commands every time? They seem to work the first time but just tonight I played again and it seems the game forgot I’d entered them the first time.

Yes. You have to hit the Ctrl-Alt-~ (or whatever) every time you start a game.

Thank, now I know.

Question for anyone: does anyone else miss being able to save and watch replays of the action as you could with CoH 1 for a while? It was cool because you could see things you’d missed while actually playing either a campaign, skirmish or a multiplayer game. You could pause the playback and move the camera around to see what had happened that you’d missed. Can’t remember if you could rewind the action like you can in a racing sim’s replay function, but I don’t see why you wouldn’t be able to.

I know some people here are devs or connected to devs, or maybe they’re just überfans of the series–why was that feature dropped? I loved it to pieces. It was never in CoH2, was it?

Not only were replays in CoH2, but they were uploaded to centralized servers where people could watch pro players. A lifetime ago I was in that scene and used to make VODs / commentate games.

I remember that site was around even for CoH1. Don’t suppose you can still save replays in CoH2 now if you can’t in CoH1.

Wonder why they seem to have gotten rid of that function. Too resource-intensive somehow?

Regarding replays, I keep reading that the last game is recorded by default (may not apply to campaign missions) but nothing is showing up in my Documents\my games[game name]\playback folder.

I’ve made sure the game has protected folder permissions so the only other thing I can think of is the dreaded (and annoying when it happens) phenomenon whereby games/apps have problems when the username has an accent in it like mine does.

I picked a good week to have a staycation.

The post is 3 hours old but dev website seems completely screwed. When I try to login, it just sits there.

It might just be me. I made it to one screen that complained about a username already in use, and then an email already in use, probably from legacy accounts since I’ve never used this service before. Maybe I’m in limbo now.

Wehrmact are weird! Most of the units are the same, at least in this build, but the way you build them are different. And XP is earned through combat, but I think we knew that already. And at least as far as I can tell, you can’t build medic bunkers any more. Also they seem to have carried over the commanders from CoH2, which may be controversial. But perhaps the biggest change - you can do mixed Axis/Allies armies. Which gets very confusing.

I will accept this only if Company of Heroes 3 takes place in an alternative timeline where the Nazis and the Allies have to cooperate to fight Cthulhu.


I think we may be in such a timeline, in a way.

Thanks for the bump. The website is working fine now, just completed a skirmish. The graphics don’t seem to be optimized so I set everything to minimum.

I definitely won’t be doing multiplayer here, so I’ll have to see how the campaign is when the full game comes out.