Company of Heroes 3: mamma mia, we Total War now!

Ouch, that’s a bit harsh, though I see the point as it were.

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EDIT: Time was I might have defended the in-close camera. “Your attention is a resource”, and “seeing the unit models clearly cultivates a sense of attachment”, and “the minimap is a perfectly cromulent situational awareness tool”, and yadda yadda yadda. But I think it’s a sign that RTSs might be well and truly dead for me that I have no desire to accommodate Company of Heroes 3, despite the fact that it’s clearly a throwback to the first game instead of a follow-on to the second game. Which is what I’d want! But as curious as I might be to revisit the glory days of COH1, I’m not ready to adjust to having my nose so close to the action.

Too soon, Tom. Too soon.

FWIW, I’m totally fine with the zoom level and it doesn’t feel noticeably closer than CoH 1 to me, though I haven’t tried to compare them. The game’s about tactical engagements and it’s more than wide enough for that. I use the minimap for planning capping and large-distance troop movements.

Edit: I am on an ultrawide to be fair, so that probably helps.

I’m still making my way through the Italian campaign, though I think I’m pretty close to the end (just got to Monte Cassino). It definitely does feel like a missed opportunity, and it’s been streamlined in some weird ways since the Alpha that mostly don’t pay off, at least on normal difficulty. I suspect I’ll revisit it at a much higher difficulty six months from now to see what difference that makes. It’s not so much the lack of aggression from the campaign AI that I don’t like, so much as the map features being almost irrelevant. In the alpha, if you sent infantry past a hidden MG nest, or over a mined bridge, you’d lose the company. Here you lose half your HP at worst, and you can just heal it immediately for a tiny manpower cost (not even an action point!). I’ve yet to lose any unit at all on the campaign map, and only come vaguely close a couple of times - both of them “ancillary” units - planes and ships. The other aspect I don’t like - and again this is exacerbated by being stuck on a too-easy difficulty, is that while the story missions are interesting and moderately challenging (but definitely not hard) at normal difficulty, the skirmishes are very easy and fall into a fairly narrow range of templates. I feel like the templates could be fun and play out differently if they put up a fight, but at normal they’re just the same walkover every time, with maybe a slightly different but still trivial secondary objective.

I’m on turn 15 of the Italy campaign and it is very easy. The battles are easy and the strategic layer, well, the Germans barely seem present. The only attacks they have done were clearly scripted events.

Clearly it’s been severely watered down from what it was originally meant to be. I’m not even sure what the deal is with the proliferation of outposts the AI builds… they don’t seem to do anything (well the AA ones do legitimately seem to hurt airplanes but also I’m not sure why I even need airplanes. Sometimes some stukas fly over and do… nothing really).

The AI in the battles is also very easy to beat… I dunno what to think really.

Multiplayer is very fun. Compstomps still fun. The AI can be a reasonable opponent (though usually falls apart in the late game due to an inability to defend).

I think they’ve really shot themselves in the foot by making the difficulty fixed at the start. So many people are going to start the game on normal and then get bored with the skirmishes because they can’t increase the difficulty once they get used to the game. Even if the campaign AI doesn’t get better at higher difficulties (maybe it does, but I’ve not seen anyone claiming so yet), more challenging skirmishes would go a long way to improving the campaign.

And people were right!

Right now, the Steam user review average, once I filter out people who have played less than 7 hours, is at 73%.

Turn them on! Turn them on!

So kind of a “wait for a sale” kind of game?

It seems for a lot of us, this is a wait-for-a-sale kind of genre.

I’ve moved away from keyboard and mouse PC gaming… literally. My desk is across the room. I use an LG TV for a monitor when I’m not working so I end up playing gamepad games almost exclusively. Maybe I need a better keyboard and mouse laptop desk or something. Or a proper wireless gaming mouse. I miss playing a lot of those types of games and yet I have more than enough games to keep me occupied.

Corsair has a nice wireless keyboard with mouse pad/area that I use, if you ever get to a point where you want to look for something.

I played a single match of AoE4 during the free weekend earlier this month and came to the same realization. The traditional RTS genre just isn’t interesting to me anymore. I know Company of Heroes has some unique stuff going on, but my attempts at Iron Harvest a few months were enough to tell me it’s in that same boat.

In contrast, I’m very excited for Men of War 2 to come out later this year, will buy Sins of a Solar Empire 2 when it’s fully released, and would absolutely love something new in the vein of Supreme Commander.

It depends what you’re after. Personally, I find the actual RTS gameplay the best it’s ever been, with the caveat that I have no idea how balanced it is yet (the forums are full of people complaining about OP off-map abilities). So if you’re primarily interested in PvP, I’d say you might as well jump in now while the community is at its most active. That said, there’s a lot about the game that feels unfinished, at least some of which will hopefully get patched. So if you’re mainly going to do PvE, it’s probably best to wait.

Meanwhile, the new 3MA is about the game. Starts off very negative, but ends up very positive.

I googled around but couldn’t find what you might be describing. Got a link? thx kdawg

Corsair K63:

Yeah, I have that combo, it’s pretty good.

The call in air raid the allies have is super OP , wipes out a full health tank in 1 pass. And the warning smoke alert time is like 5 seconds, not enough to try and retreat or reverse the tank out of danger.

Thanks for that perspective. While I’ve always loved CoH, I’m wondering if my affection for CoH now leans more from nostalgia rather than gameplay, and to top it off, I’m almost entirely exclusively PvE (and compstomp). I’ll hold off for a sale!

That looked intriguing until I clicked See Buying Options. $345?! Yowza. I guess it’s been discontinued?