Company of Heroes: medal bling

I see you hatin’.

On a more serious tip, if anyone has problems getting the medals, post here and I’ll offer my advice, FWIW. I had to go back and get 4 of them I missed after I finished the campaign. The hardest one for me to get was the “defend the town” mission; you have to destroy an entire axis base outside town to get a medal in that one.

Somehow, without them counting against my gamerscore, I can’t really get myself to care.

It’s like playing poker for crackers or something.

I’m close to done with the campaign. I’ve gotten the medal on my first try nearly every time, but there are a few I’ll have to go back for.

The whole idea of optional secondary goals in the campaign works really well. Though there is no medal for it, I intend to conduct further research to see if I can beat Hill 192 without using tanks.

Achievements for Games For Windows™ is gonna be awesome.