Company of Heroes Nazi Strats?

I end up playing the allies ALL THE TIME, just because I like how they play better. It feels like the Terror Doctrine is useless and that the N to the A to the Z to the I to the motherfucking S take far too long to get mobilized. Mainly I go for Armor, but by that time the computer has enough counter measures in place or good armor themselves.

Can anyone suggest a slightly faster/offensive way for me to be a nazi?

I so want to make a comment but I think I’ll just bite my tongue…

Yeah, I framed it in an odd way because it’s an odd question.

Though if I can only play one side what’s the point of getting into multiplayer again? Should I rush and forget about escalating unless I need to? Should I defend and build up resources for a giant assault?

I’ve only played a dozen or so online games so far, but I started on Nazi side. I would suggest and watching the aniketos replays.

He uses strong, early infantry commitment and outplays them - the allies don’t get to the point they can deploy armor.

It’s all about limiting Allied mobility.

  • Alan

So I should play the Nazi more like the Zerg, right? Thanks.

I usually throw out a lot of MGs and a few snipers, and that works well for me until I can start popping out tanks.

Of course I don’t play competetively online so this advice is probably useless! None of my friends has managed to master the rifleman + halftrack strat.

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Build nothing but Pioneers. If some die, build more. This will take your opponent completely by suprise.

If you start to lose, disconnect.

Repeat until you win!

The scary thing is that this actually works.

  • Alan

Here you go:


I’ve found that the veteran upgrades for the axis are extremely important. If you can survive the initial ally push your veteran troops will really begin to slaughter his. In particular veteran volksgrenadiers with the submachine gun upgrade will destroy any other infantry in the game (you have to get in close though). Veteran panzers and panthers are also far superior to any single allied tank except for the pershing.

Okay the single best tip I learned:

As your pioneers pop out, SHIFT CLICK capture orders on the strat map.

Come on now. In our world of make believe little wars and WWII mania, everyone called them The Germans or The Axis. No one calls them The Nazis, not even the game.

Hey, Godwin’s Law.

I’ve won more as the Allies, but I definitely like playing as the Axis more. They get to upgrade their troops at will. They don’t have to get them to veteran by killing things (a very iffy proposition). That’s a HUGE advantage.

The volks are the key to winning the infantry war. Then you’ll be pushing back with tanks not long after that.

Edit: adding on to that, so it makes sense. Once I started upgrading my troops and really using the volks, I started winning a lot more with the Axis.

Alternatively, you can go Blitzkrieg and use Stormtroopers as your primary infantry unit. They are significantly stronger than Volks, they can cloak, and they can upgrade to Panzerschreks or machine guns.

I know this isn’t what you’re asking about, but late game the Knights Cross Holders are unimaginably tough. One three man squad can take down two full rifle squads without losing a man.

Wait. I’m allowed to call them Nazi’s in an online game, right? I don’t want to get banned of a faux pas here. Cuz, they’re nazis to me.

I just noticed how great the Grenadiers are in mass with their rocket launcer upgrade. I didn’t realize it was a reusable thing. I’m going to go right for them every time now. I just tried the upgrades, and do I ever feel stupid for ignoring it.

Thanks. It’s probably important to start trying out different stuff even if I don’t prefer to play as them, just to know how to respond.

For someone new to the game trying to learn to play axis, I would suggest you build MG, volks, MG, volks. Garrison the MGs in key buildings to control parts of the map, and use the volks for skirmishing and capturing points. Upgrade your volks with MP40s as soon as you can and try to fight in close range. Strategically, try to prevent allies from collecting fuel, as they are very dependent on it.