Company of Heroes tonight?

Anyone up for a match or three tonight (Friday)? The missus is out of town and I’m tired of getting my ass handed to me by teenagers.

PM sent.

I wish I’d noticed this post earlier :(

I’m down for playing tomorrow though.

I’ll keep you guys in mind and PM you a little more in advance next time!

Duh… didn’t see it said Friday.

With or without the expansion?

You don’t need the expansion to play, although you do need to have the latest patches installed (which add expansion compatibility for multiplayer). If I can summon up the courage to patch my game up to the current version, I’ll stop in to say hello.

  • Alan “Itsatrap” Au

I’m so glad that I got this through Steam so I don’t have to worry about the pain in the ass with the patches.

I bought the original CoH in a retail box, but since your CD keys are tied to your Relic Online account it lets me download both through Steam now when I bought the expansion on there. Yay :)

Really? Wow, I might just pick up the expansion for that alone. I saw this thread, but there’s no way in hell I’m going through the agony of patching up CoH again, even to play multi against you people.

I’m up for anything. Warning, I’m pretty bad. I have to borrow skillz I gained from DoW.

So if my riflemen suddenly blitz into melee, that’s why.

Ironically, US riflemen work best at close range, but you have to know when it’s safe to charge if the enemy is sitting behind cover.

Okay, so time for another nick list:

Jason Lutes: Alloysius

Chime in!

My nick is:


I just recently started playing again, so I pretty much suck.

And now I eat supercrow, because I totally just wasted half my day reinstalling it. No expansion though (I’m too effing broke after sending all my monies to Stardock).

My screen name or whatever is, amazingly, Aeon221. I don’t know how to play as the Nazis (too weird playing as the bad guys), but I’m definitely up for a game whenever. Someone pick a time.

My CoH name is Mysterio.

Alloysius is already on my friends list, but I’m not able to add DogEasyAbleTareHow or Aeon221. I thought players didn’t need to be online to add them. Has it always been this way?

Use the /addfriend command twice in a row. The second time should stick, and you won’t receive any error.

Apparently I did something wrong, as I’m now downloading a gig and a half of patch after attempting to log in. Wheee.

The game itself is 4 gigs. Wtf are they sending me?

The huge patch is from when they added all the art/sound assets from the expansion to the regular game to make them compatible with each other.

The mega-patch adds expansion pack compatibility. If you have the expansion, install just that, since it includes all of the original files and lets you unlock the campaign using your key.

  • Alan

He said he doesn’t have the expansion, so just download it overnight when you’re not using the computer.