Company of Heroes... yummmm

Yes, I’m blowing out the hscroll…

Kind of looks like Dawn of War meets Brothers in Arms… only more so.

I’m ready to play :-) Please may I have this game now?
This and Spore have me quite excited for PC gaming in late 2005!

Plus destructable environments. This one might turn out to be good.

those shermans are freaking hosed. a tiger and a stug on their flank and they don’t even know what’s coming.

I don’t know, from the looks of it, that stug’s gun is knocked out. And if you look on the left, the Allies have got another tank firing, and far more infantry support. Looks like a clear win for the Allies here. Silly Germans. :wink:

Also, I’m kind of hoping resource management doesn’t play a huge role in this game.