Comparing power with systems

Pretty amazing how much power consoles consume, and look at the wii… Hot damn!

Check it:

That’s a great find. So the 360 and the PS3 consume nearly as much power as a high-end PC… whereas the Wii is on the level of an energy-saving lamp! Connect24 is really wasteful, though, which won’t surprise anyone who noticed how hot the Wii runs in standby mode.

The DVD playback test is also pretty shocking. If you care for your electricity bill you do NOT want to use game consoles as DVD players!

Not surprising that the Wii uses so little power. From reading the Iwata Asks articles on Nintendo’s site it seems that lower power consumption was a pretty big goal for the Wii development team, and with the technology used in the Wii this is pretty easy to achieve.

If you think Connect24 is really wasteful, you should check out the electricity usage of those digital cable tuner box. I can’t remember where I read it, but the HD PVR box from Rogers runs something like 65 Watts when it’s turned on, and 64 Watts when it’s OFF. Apparently it never really turns off.

Most DVRs just go into standby mode when you turn them off. That way they can still record your shows. As far as I can tell, the only power really saved is from outputting the signal and perhaps the LED displays ;)