Compassionate Conservative Talking Point: Vibrators and You

Looks like Bill’s been caught, on tape.

“he had advised another woman to purchase a vibrator, and had taught that woman how to masturbate while telling her sexual stories over the telephone.”

the “little short brown woman” asked to see his penis and was “amazed.”

I believe this is the first legal document I’ve read all the way through. It’s pretty entertaining, and seems like it’ll be mighty devastating to Mr. O’Reilly

And the counter suit:

Yet another short-tempered gasbag goes down in a hypocritical firestorm like a dirigible over an airfield in New Jersey…

Taste the irony!

I present, the O’Reilly Factor, for adults!


Bill O’Rielly: “I’m rubbing my pita right now…”

Looks like Bill’s been caught, on tape.


The lawsuit has the allegation but I’ve heard nothing about a tape.

The lawsuit’s allegation is pretty well founded. it’d be pretty hard to recite that kinda stuff from memory.

I mean, Fox’s countersuit basically states that the verbage sounds too much like O’Reilly to NOT be transcribed from a tape. If it’s bad enough that they’re not even trying to deny what’s going on, then there’s a tape.

Yes but until a tape is produced, it’s extremely unfair to assume that there is one. If he has been RECORDED saying these things, there is very little he can do to get win this lawsuit. Assuming that there is a tape is assuming that O’Reilly is guilty before it even goes to court. I don’t like that kind of assumption.

You got any more of those transcripts? I’m getting kinda turned on.

I’m not in the business of being Fair and Balanced, as it turns out. I look at things as they are on both sides, and extrapolate. I know that there has to be some evidence to support the burden of proof for this case, and given the information available, the most likely proof is a tape recorded conversation.

I’m not at all concerned at how unfair my assumption is to Mr. Bill, though, because he is one of the most virulent horse’s asses in television. No Spin Zone indeed.

Well yes but sinking to his level makes you no better than him. I’d like to see some kind of integrity in the media.

Also, the idea that people will only put forth sexual harassment lawsuits if they have some kind of evidence to support them is hilarious. Even assuming if she’s totally fabricating everything, this WILL damage O’Reilly in the eyes of a lot of his listeners, and potential listeners. We all know by now that we hear about the lawsuits, but if they the verdict is “not guilty” we barely hear about that. The damage is being done right now, and can’t be repaired. That in and of itself may be the foundational reason for her bringing the suit.

I do HOPE that she is being completely honest AND has evidence, because seeing O’Reilly lose his show would make me tickled pink. He’s such an asshole, such a complete and total fucking asshole that he doesn’t deserve to have a show at all.

from what i read, it was his decision to “go public.” she had essentially been trying to extort money from him to not take the charges to trial. his counter-suit is against the extortion, it doesn’t appear to have anything to do with whether her allegations are true or not.

I always knew that guy was a wanker.

I’d love to see this go to trial and watch ole’ Bill in the courtroom.

“Shut up! Shut UP! SHUT UP!!!”

It would truly be reality TV at its absolute finest.

Bill is a sleaze? Oh the humanity!



Allow me to clue you in. O’Reilly is a blowhard bully boy.

She was on Today this morning and is pretty attractive.

But apparently, she “had phone sex with him against her will.” How does that work?

… how do I make that happen?

On several occasions, and had dinner dates with him even after he had started to engage in behaviour she found repugnant. Much as I would like to see Bill O’Reilly knocked down a peg or two, something about her story doesn’t quite mesh. Still, if she has physical evidence such as tape recordings, O’Reilly doesn’t have a leg to stand on.

If I remember right, in the complaint she says at one point he did a show with porn stars (Jenna Jameson IIRC) and was all excited after the show. He calls her up in her hotel room and they have a somewhat risque conversation. According to her midway through the conversation she realizes hes masturbating. Now I don’t remember if she just hung up on him at that point (plus of course how does she KNOW what he’s doing?). But her version is that he basically called her up to jack off to the sound of her voice.

I have no opinion if its true, but that’s what I gather from the complaint.


According to the story I saw on MSNBC, there were 3 separate calls. She had also left FOX to go to CNN well after the sexual harassment began. Some time later, she came back to the network, in spite of that.

I admit, I have his radio show on in the background at work and get a kick out of his overly-sure of himself take on things. Many times it becomes tiresome and tedious, but I take it as entertainment and continue to listen because he actually has some fairly sane views on many things. He is not an idiot, I believe he has developed a persona which sells and has become that guy. Yeah, I am pretty sure he said all of that. His image will suffer and deservedly so. Although, he has never put himself up as a paragon of virtue. He has talked about porn and the fantasies men have about lesbians and made racy jokes with his two female radio co-hosts.

She never in the two years this has gone on made a complaint, left to go to a compeititor, came back to his show no less, and then a few months later comes up with some very detailed conversations because she has had enough. It’s fishy. He is scummier than I expected, but people drunk with power do stupid, stupid shit. It seems like we had a president that may have done something like that.

Another tidbit: after she broke up with a boyfriend, Bill suggested she buy a vibrator and pick out a name for it. Seems like good advice to me.