Complete Led Zeppelin - $9.99 on Rhapsody

I’m not sure if this is intentional or in error, but this is a fantastic deal for any fans of Led Zeppelin. 165 tracks for $9.99.

That looks like an album for 9.99 each, not all 165 tracks.

Still cool though.

What? It’s an album of 165 tracks for $9.99. I know because I bought it. It’s a 1.8GB download of DRM-free mp3s.

Maybe they’ve already fixed it, since all I see is a list of albums, and no mega-compilations.

It’s offering them individually on the side for $9.99 each, but on the left there’s the complete collection for $9.99 as a whole.

Your link takes you to a screen where it is as Equis says: each album is 9.99. Physical Graffiti is $19.99.

Well… I’m at a loss, then. This is what the link looks like for me:

Yeah, I see individual albums as well.

Ah, I just noticed that I’m not actually landing on that URL, it’s redirecting me to the general Led Zep page.

Not that I could buy anything there anyway, sigh…

It’s redirecting. Loophole closed.

As far as I know, you can only get 128kb quality out of Rhapsody, anyway. You would be better off grabbing the recent re-release of all the albums compilation on CD, and then ripping them yourself.

Rhapsody pisses me off, as Yahoo music is merging with them, and Yahoo offered all of their tracks at 192kb for less money.

Actually, Rhapsody offers either 192kb AAC or 256kb mp3, or at least they did for this.

Which is currently downloading. Thanks noun!

You’re welcome, Cosmic Hippo!

Yeah, Rhapsody is at 256 Kbps, DRM free across the board now.

I had no problem buying the full collection for 9.99 (just hit “add to cart” in noun’s link). In the process of dling it right now, which could be a while. It’s at 256kbps/mp3 for people that are unfamiliar with the vendor, and DRM free. At least, as best as I can see.

Thanks for the link. Also picked up a great Doors live collection for 9.99 that’s a similar kind of (but not as ridiculous) deal.

Edit: just went to the link again, still up, still the same. Now for my 250 items waiting to dl…

Link is dead unless it’s cached in your browser, and then the store part of rhapsody is still processing it, it seems.

Otherwise, even a targeted search of “Complete Led Zeppelin” gets you a 0 response.

That’s too bad.

I didn’t have much of a problem downloading the full collection for $9.99.

I clicked on the link to show “all tracks” from noun’s link. In all tracks, click on the title of one of the songs on the Complete Led Zeppelin album. Babe I’m Gonna Leave You is downloading now.

Thanks so much for the head’s up, noun! This is a fabulous deal.

Curses. That’s closed too now. You get all the way to the clicking on “The Complete Led Zeppelin”…and redirect.

No biggie, I’ve got the originals, but I’d have paid three times the $9.99 to get the remasters in digital form on my hard drive. Ah well.

Try this link guys. It just worked for me.

(I own everything but the BBC recordings/remasters already… but $10 to not have to rip 15 discs? Sure!)