Component switchbox recommendations?

So at some point soon I am going to need a component A/V switchbox. I just upgraded my PS2 to component out, my DVR uses component out and the X360 will too. So I am going to need more than the two component ins hard-wired to my TV right now.

I’m having trouble finding anything affordable online. Any recommendations?

This is about as cheap as you are going to get. It’s a physical switch so you will need to manually pop the buttons. Also supports audio, but just analogue, so if you have lots of digital outs you’ll want something else.

These look interesting though I’m not sure how good the quality is.

Wow, good deal on the JVC switcher - the sale price is $90 less than usual. Thanks for the link.

A few things.

You can get a cheap ass pelican switcher for 19.99 from walmart / bestbuy / whatever. I have one and I do not have any signal problems with it. Yeah you gotta get up and hit the button on it but whatever on that. Seriously for 20 bucks you cant go wrong.

Also the Audio Authority one is top notch. I highly highly reccomend it they always get great reviews and they work great. Its auto sensing so there are no buttons to push just turn the system on and go. I wish I could use one with my set up but alas my stupid friggin cable box is always on ( even when its off ) so it screws up the auto sense feature.

For real though check out the cheap pelican one I bet it would work out as a temporary solution till you can find one you like.

Its cheap.

I have had an AA 1154A for about 18 months, my cable box is always on, and the auto-sensing switching works fine. I have an Xbox, Gamecube, and PS2 on it with the cable box. The PS2 seems to have the weakest signal, and the switch flips on and off it a bit while starting up a new disc, but otherwise works fine. The Xbox and Gamecube work flawlessly with it. My DVD player runs through the DVI port, so I can’t speak to how those might work with it.

I wasn’t aware that Pelican came out with that 20 switch. I knew they had the PL-957 but that’s a bit more expensive running close to the JVC in price.

Another vote for the Audio Authority switch. Works a charm for me.

I have also heard good things about these switches here

Should be about 100 bucks ish for them.

On the AA thing that odd becaue when I was looking at getting one I asked a few people about the auto sense and the cable box and they said it wouldnt work. I guess its time to look in to getting one. They do make great stuff though.

The only weirdness I’ve noticed on the AA box is that it seems to predicate the switch based on the audio signal, not the video signal. I’ve got a fiber optic cable on the fritz so I have to switch it manually between the Xbox and the PS2, and I’ve noticed that it will try to switch to whichever channel the audio is active on, even if there is no video present. Obviously, in a normal scenario, it works like it’s supposed to.

I shoulda snagged the AA box when they had it on sale for 99.99 a few months back. It was a steal then. Oh well next time it goes on sale I’ll snag it.

Here is the really cheap one I have for now.

I snagged it for 19.99 in store but YMMV.

Like I said its cheap and it works great. I’ll end up replacing it eventually but for now its fine.

One more thumbs up for the Audio Authority switch. Great little box.

So weird: I was just researching component switchers for the first time today, found the AA 1154 box, and was wishing I could get feedback on AA products.

QT3 is awesome.