CompUSA - Store Shutdown Sales

CompUSA is shutting 50% if its stores. I work near one of those and stopped by on my way home tonight. Games for PC and consoles are 10% off. I’ll probably wait a week or two to see if prices drop some more but it may be worth keeping an eye on.

Does this have anything to do with them being bought out by Microsoft?

My CompUSA has a decent selection of PC games, but 10% off doesn’t get me too excited. When it hits 50%, I’m there.

Went by the North Dallas store on the tollway today. Still only 10% on games, but it looks to me as if some of the more in-demand titles might have been cleared out already.

The biggest discount they have on anything is 20%. iPods and Macs only 5%.

Not much of sale when I can beat all of their discounts online.

I’ve been to a few compusa close out sales and even towards the end you really wont find good deals.

I mean the last one I went to they were trying to sell a laptop that was missing keyboard keys and they would only give 25% off.

Kind of explains why their business is failing, that their “super sale prices” are still higher than a lot of other outlets.

The one in Sac is still full of stuff and most of it is only 10% off; so nearly as cheap as buying online.

After two weeks the sale is still only 10% off for console and PC gaming stuff. I wonder when they’ll bump it up?

I imagine with things like iPods the margin is enough and it’s small enough that they are still going to make a profit if they have to ship it to a warehouse or another store to finally sell. There probably won’t be huge discounts on things like that.

I wouldn’t expect deep discounts. Since they aren’t going completely out of business, they can just shift inventory to the stores staying open.

As I understood it the inventory has already been sold the liquidators.

Geeze, guys, at least toss us a link. Here’s one from “ifoAppleStore”: :-)

A week after several CompUSA executive assignments were shuffled and four store closures were announced, the electronics retailer made a stunning move: they will close 126 of their remaining 229 stores, or over one-half the chain. The privately-held company said the closures were “aimed at improving the company’s structure, streamlining operations and reducing expenses.” A press release said CompUSA now intends to “focus on maximizing margins in its top performing stores.”

The 126 stores were selected for closure based on, “the need to close and sell stores with low performance or non strategic, old store layouts and locations faced with market saturation.” The company said the closures will occur over the next 60 to 90 days.

Did you just complain that there isn’t enough information about the CUSA closings on this website?


GDI I thought this was in EE. Oh well they still won’t die but they are supposed to be having some good sales on their first day tomorrow.

I think this says it all

When I first visited a CompUSA back in like 1990, it was a freaking WONDERLAND of brightly colored software packages stacked to the ceiling and filled with nerds of every description hurriedly picking out that which would change their lives for that particular day. It was only downhill from there.

When a CompUSA opened in my town, I slept out, because the first 10 people got a 386. I was rocking my 8088 at the time, so a free computer seemed worth it.

What I got was a case, power supply, and mobo. Thus began a long history of scrounging for PC parts. In the end, I thing the only thing I bought for that was a hard drive. I could finally play Wing Commander!

Lulz, all those stores in Texas and none of them in Texas’ tech hub: Austin.

TigerDirect bought the name and run a few stores under that brand in some very select areas (the demographics areas are a bit weird).

— Alan