Computer Desks, 2022. Whatcha got, and is it good?

Ok, I am with ya! :slight_smile:

From my experience there is no middle ground on desk. At least very few options. High end and low end. There is also a shortage of styles with little mix and matching. For some reason computer desk have turned into Extreme Gaming!?! desk for the lower end market. Trying to find a simple looking deep L shaped desk with monitor shelf is impossible. You want a raised monitor shelf? Then width is capped at 19". You want L shaped without the shelf but deeper? Sure thing do you like horrifying graphics on it or the worlds most hideous faux wood? You better! So unnecessarily frustrating. I have half a mind to start a gaming desk company for sensible adults.

So much this! Most of the lower cost desks either scream “I host a Twitch stream about anime that has dozens of viewers!” or they look like they’re trying to emulate a modern high end desk but are made out of leftover LVP flooring. What the actual…I just want to buy a simple functional adult office desk!

Thanks to the updates in this thread I’m increasingly in the market for a desk. I will likely end up going with Secret Labs for that, but I was very tempted by this place:

They have upgrades to convert to sit/stand desks, and most of the furniture can be customized quite a bit. Really love the custom colors and am planning to buy a table from them for the game room.

Took a bit of work yesterday to put it all together, and i’m still in the process of setting everything up, but really happy with my @Tman exclusive. Outstanding work on the tabletop, and i’ll let him talk more about its construction.

@Tman built the tabletop out of Oregon black walnut. The legs are are from Flexispot, and apart from the controller being a little more plastic than i would have preferred, i’ve been pretty happy with the legs so far.

Nice, I like that it follows the curve of your monitor! Looks like you got some cool spalting going on there in the front, too.

This was such a beautiful piece of walnut. I’m glad you like it!

I finished the table in a oil based wipe-on, and modified the supports to have a slotted groove to allow for wood expansion and installed threaded inserts so the top can be attached via bolts instead of screws.

If you live in the PDX area or are willing to drive to pick up (Pyrhic drove from way down in the bay area), I can build any desk anyone is looking for. Black Walnut is the most expensive option as far as species go. As with any wood, it’s all about board feet.

The slab I used actually has a sister slab that I finished at the same time and I bought the same legs that were used on this table. The site does allow for “L” shape bases as well if you want to go bigger.

Here are other desks I have done:

This one was done for a video editor who worked out of his house:

Another sit/Stand:

A huge maple desk:

Wow! That’s absolutely gorgeous. I’ve got an old wooden desk from the 40s or 50s (with matching chair) that my friend sanded down and refinished. I’m happy enough with it that it’s survived a couple moves, but if I ever do need to replace it, I’m definitely making a trip down to Portland!

Those are amazing @Tman ! You have some serious talent.

I had one of those desks! Is your also like 36" deep? God I lived that desk. The best was how the drawers slid wood on wood (no slides). I think taking the base of one of those and topping it with a huge maple slab would be next level because my old desk had a Formica top that was really old.


Oh, 100% wood-on-wood sliding action. (#JMJ?)

That sure looks like quarter sawn white oak. Such an amazing wood.

Dang. If you ever happen to be driving through northern NJ with a big slab of wood…


I realize you may just be drooling and not interested, but just in case - there are alternate methods to buying custom stuff.

I bet there are more than a few people like me in your area. Just look up "city " “woodworkers guild” and you should find a guild nearby. You can submit requests and they’ll put it out to the members and probably 3-5 will contact you.

Interesting. I got a couple projects I may try this with.

Thanks! I’d love to, and I may be looking at a larger desk, since I just got family approval to move a chair that’s been hedging me in. WFH life in a house w/ 2 kids, in full effect!

Unfortunately the cost of the awesome wood slabs is probably a bit out of my reach ATM. Just bought an ebike as my last indulgent purchase. My first kid starts college in 6 weeks, alas I’m on the budget life upgrade path until 2031 or so.

So after a lot of consideration I think my plan moving forward is to purchase the SHW Artwork L Desk (that is 55"x60"x24" deep) in black from Walmart for $117 delivered.

I will then add the following:

All that together gives me a decent sized L desk with cable management, lights, tower shelf, and headset hook for $200 and a little DIY effort.

If you want a keyboard tray add it before you put anything else on the desk as you often have to flip it

I need to install some cable management including a few longer cords, but I just built a version of the Ikea desk hack. Pretty happy with it!

Very nice! I like the industrial look to it, and the textured look of the desktop surface. I also love that your case looks like it should have an Alien headcrab floating inside of it. =)
Looks great!