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I don’t think people are done with Jose yet.


Damn right. I think Whitta’s getting a restraining order.

Also, a Civ4-inspired list of Great People and their Great Works is in order.

Jose Liz is born in a far away land

Don’t forget jpinard’s “I’m sick so my opinions count more” dogpile.

Ah, good times.

So, let me see if I get this straight, you and some other people here, act tough and try to talk down to (some?) users here, because you think you are like, what, better? More “experienced”, older member of this forum? Some of you have some serious attitude problems, I wish you best of luck.

No, you should at least be moderately witty while attacking other people’s opinions, or just go straight for straw men and ad hominems, hey, it works in P&R!

…that was blessed with podiums designed by the gods themselves.

We should probably return this thread to Dr. Fear.


Does HRose count? Because I swear, he predicted this thread in his blog six months ago.

Now, that was un called for. Some people, including users and staff of CGM/ know very well my view on this (I am a PC gamer to put it simply), and I too (as others) am annoyed with this change which of course is not surprising if you follow the changes for the last few years, but there is absolutely no reason to get personal with any of the people working there.[/quote]
It would be uncalled for, if they didn’t actually write like two clowns from sophomore English class.

Defender of the goofy, drinker of Diet Pepsi.


Chalk me up in the two clowns from sophomore English class camp.

Actually, I’ll up that to two chronic mouthbreathers from sophmore English class.

Click to build a Podium. The Podium wonder consumes the Great Person.

I am not attacking other’s opinions.

Whitta loves me. Right, Whitta?

You should really keep that between yourselves, Jose.

I’d go gay for Jose.

“Hello? Spider-Man? I am gay! For you!


You should really keep that between yourselves, Jose.[/quote]

God, please. If what you say is true, the above text is likely all the encouragement Whitta needs to post hi res pictures under an innocuous thread title.

Now, that was un called for.[/quote]

It’s totally obvious what’s going on here and I can’t believe nobody has figured it out yet. Efthimios G is clearly a sophomore English student and is taking great offense at being compared to the no-talent-nosepicking-hacks at CGM Online.

All the members of Qt3 should apologize to mister Efthimios since he could, you know, be on his deathbed or… uh… about to begin attending a university with nifty podiums… or he uh… predicted this wouldl happen months ago on his blog!

Clearly Efthimios is on track to become the most respected thinker on these boards by far.