Computer Gaming World - digital option

Does anyone here subscribe to CGW via the digital sub?

(scroll down to the “Digital” button and click on “what’s this?” for an explanation.)

It uses this “Zinio reader” thing. (

It seems kind of weird to have a separate digital subscription and a print subscription. (to get both, it looks like you have to subscribe twice.) Magazines like The Economist and The New Republic offer full access to their website for their subscribers, although I guess this is a different thing.

Does anyone have this, and if so, do you like it?

Cool idea, though they’re still charging the same amount for the digital version.

I’m not a fan of it. I downloaded a few of the free issues, and it’s kinda odd.

Really, I just like to have a hardcopy to read when I’m away from home. I usually read at work, where I don’t have access to a very good computer (P90, no Internet).

I would’ve loved this when I was working overseas and a print copy of CGW at the local book shop was 25 to 35 Canadian dollars.

Digital subscriptions are a great idea but why the hell do we have to use this cumbersome Zinio reader crap? Just so that they can install lots of spyware on our systems? What’s wrong with traditional PDF files?

I have some trade magazines that decided to switch to the digital format.

It’s not my bag. I like the print for versality, permanence (relative) and ability to jot down notes next to article/information.

I would like to read these.

graphics…mixed bag…fans of genre…