Computer is slowing down

I just finshed the installation for ff 11 but now my computer is slowing down bad. It took 60 seconds to startup from original 25. What the hell is going on?

Also this installation took me down below half of the total amount of space on my drive, 100gig drive if that means anything.

Usual steps:

  1. Reboot (cold boot, turn off the PC then the power supply for about 30 seconds). Don’t just restart it from the start button.
  2. Virus scan
  3. Spyware scan

Hmm, maybe. What are your system specs? How much memory? Did this happen all at once or is it a general slowing down over time?

Do you mean “startup” as in the computer? At which point does it feel like it’s taking longer.

If it’s taking a while to startup, it might be a startup service that got installed as part of the app.

From the start menu, go to run, and type in “msconfig.msi.” go to the startup tab and uncheck anything that looks weird–but google it first to make sure you aren’t killing your video cards applet or something.

Another thing to check is pagefile sizing. It’s unlikely, but if your pagefile is taking up too much of that free space that could account for issues.

Yeah turning on the computer is getting to load is taking way longer. The slow down started while it was installing ff 11. I had around 52 gig before the install now 44 gig after.

First I would say to optimize your hard drive. I’m assuming you’re running XP which isn’t as bad about fragmenting files, but it still happens. My next question is are you using FAT32 or NTFS?

How do I optimize the hard drive and it is NTFS.

Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Disk Defragmenter (and Disk Cleanup)

Your first defrag may take several hours. You can automate these tasks (so they don’t take as long, and this doesn’t happen as much anymore) using Scheduled Tasks in System Tools as well.

And stick with NTFS, it’s better (FAT32 may not even work on your HD due to its size). You can compress folders you use rarely with NTFS to free up HD space as well (the compression is around 33% and the only difference is a slight lag when accessing the folders). Right-click the folder, Properties > General Tab > Advanced > Compress files to save space.

Don’t use the Windows disk defrag. It sucks and it takes forever to do even a really poor job.

The Norton one used to be good, probably still in Norton Utilities. There are also still plenty of 3rd party defraggers. But that windows one is awful.

I like O&O defrag.

A lot of pros (including myself) use Diskeeper. It does an outstanding job and has more features than you can shake a stick at. There’s a 30-day trial at their web site ( ). Let me know how it goes.

Compared to Diskeeper, O&O is slower, but it does a better job defragging. There’s also PerfectDisk from Raxco, which is also a fine product.

It’s free, and it’s better than nothing – no harm in running it overnight once to see if it helps.

I just finshed windows defrag and my computer is still acting up. Also it starts to run choppy when I minimize internet explorer, and of course starting up. I’ve had it on for a good 20 hours so far so I’m going to log off for now, I’m going to run disk cleaner tomorrow. Also I uninstalled everything from ff 11.

I couldn’t disagree more. I think Diskeeper does a superior job by far. I have used this app on many machines that I have worked on and it is by far the most comprehensive and full-featured disk app I’ve come across. It’s never disappointed me yet.

I’d be perfectly happy using Diskeeper or PerfectDisk instead of O&O. They all do a better job at defragging than Microsoft’s built in defrag app (which is kind of strange, as Microsoft defrag uses Diskeeper’s defrag engine, so I don’t know what’s going on there.)

I’m perfectly happy with the built-in Windows defragger and unable to discern any significant differences to the others that I tried (Diskeeper, O&O). Are you guys sure you aren’t suffering from some sort of collective delusion?

so before I try disk cleanup tonight, does anyone have any idea why this happened?

I would also suggest running a memory checker. If one of your modules has gone bad, you might be running out of regular memory and the computer is hitting the hard drive for virtual memory which is MUCH slower. Try that as well. Report back and we’ll go from there.