Computer magazines -- not game mags

I’m looking for some good U.S. magazines to subscribe to in order to keep up-to-date on current computer hardware. It’s difficult to describe the level of technicality that I’m looking for, other than “moderate”. I don’t want stuff for absolute novices and I don’t want something written for MIT grads. PC World looks to be about my speed and I plan to subscribe to it. Are there any other mags that are at a similar, or possibly slighty higher, technical level that anyone would recommend?

Go to and subscribe - its free. Once you get on their list, you will start getting other free offers from info world etc. These mags are not filled with how-tos, but reviews and business trends in the industry. And they are free.


maximum pc

Yea… Maximum PC kicks ass!

I think your pick of PC World is a good one. It’s nice computer consumer magazine that has good coverage of new stuff plus help articles and buying guides, written for the general reader. Not too technical, but not complete fluff.

If you’re a pretty accomplished user, some of the help guides and tips will be old hat for you, but I find there’s always at least a few things I can use. I really like that they haven’t abandoned the stand-alone PC user. I remember one month I was looking for a new dial-up ISP, information on online stock brokers, and wanted to know more about CD-RW, and that particular issue they had articles on all three. I recently followed their recommendation of the 19’ Syncmaster 957MB monitor from Samsung and I’m pretty happy with it so far.

PC Computing used to be a Ziff alternative to PC World, but the magazine I think changed its name and focus to business computing a couple years back. If you are a bit more technical, PC Magazine is an avalanche of info. They’ve always got interesting columnists and lots of hardware reviews and tests. I don’t know if they still have it, but when I read it, they had a section for programmers too, where they’d run tutorials on languages. The problem I have with PC Mag is that at twice a month, it got to be too hard to keep up with. So I stick with the monthly PC World and it’s been doing the job for me.

Thanks for the detailed response Bernie. That’s exactly the kind of info I was looking for. I subscribed to PC World today and will probably subscribe to PC Magazine sometime in the next few days.


Please, just get PC Mag, PC Week or eWeek.

I like MPC, but its not the kind of magazine you’re looking for in this regard.

Yea… Maximum PC kicks ass![/quote]

LOL… I wonder how many people get that joke.