Computer monitor - too bright in Word, too muted in games

The bias lighting thread got me thinking about a problem I’ve had ever since I got this nice Dell 2460x1600 monitor 3 years ago. It’s an IPA panel so it has great viewing at any angle unlike a TN panel, but when I open Word or alt-tab from a game to my Internet it’s like staring into the sun. I’ve tried playing with the contrast and brightness settings but I am having no luck hitting a nice balance. Any settings tips for me?

Have you tried drilling tiny holes?

You win Qt3 today.

Dell has a really weird utility called Dell Display Manager, which can let you tweak a bunch of preset modes (Standard, Multimedia, Movie, Text, …) and then assign modes against individual Windows application. You should be able to use it to increase brightness only for games (or decrease brightness for everything but games).

My only experience of this is on my work laptop, and it only worked when my monitor was directly connected to it (displayport). When the laptop was docked, it cannot control the monitor at all (displayport).

Interesting because I am using DisplayPort. But this isn’t a laptop. I hope that works it would be fantastic to be able to have all games be X brightness, but when I swap to Chrome, Word, or Excel I get blinded. I thought a function like that would be in nvidia drivers but I didn’t see that.

My Benq gaming monitors have an external switch where you can toggle between modes.

…doesn’t work when the monitor is in G-Sync mode though :(

What is the exact model, Jeff? I rely on community-crowd-sourced presets–I think I grabbed my current setting from one of the AVSforum or HardOCP sites.