Computer problem question - freeze during boot issue

I have a Dell that freezes occasionally at the Dell splash screen. I ran all Dell diagnostics on the machine and everything passed. I then discovered there might be a link between the freeze and if there’s a CD in the drive.

So I’m wondering if the machine might be trying to boot an unbootable CD. What BIOS setting should I be looking for to see if it’s trying to boot a CD drive? What can I change to make it just stop trying to boot a CD drive altogether? Sorry I’m kinda BIOS clueless.

Thanks for any help.

Look for a setting called Boot Order or something similar. It’s basically just a way to tell the computer where to look for an OS and in what order. If you want it to boot up fast, you just tell it to look on disk drives first. If you need to start it from a CD, you put the CD rom drive before the disk drive option.

Definitely try memtest86 while you’re at it.