Computer tech and how to guides?

Wasn’t sure whether to post this in books or here, I’m looking to improve my tech knowledge on computer hardware and on files and such ( the registry for ex.) I’m was wondering if there are any books or sites out there that can help.

I’m probably in the middle right now with computer knowledge, I have a basic understanding of how the different hardware parts work, and I know about spyware, dxdiag that kind of stuff. My goal is to improve my understanding that if someone happens to my computer I would be able to maybe fix it or be able to figure out the problem.

A great book for hardware would be “Upgrading and Repairing PCs” by Scott Mueller. The 18th edition was just released in September (I have to remember to buy it; I buy each edition as they come out). It’s a great refresher on how hardware works for someone like me who doesn’t work with it every day.

I don’t usually bother with the software side of things in terms of books, and for the net I usually just pick up tips and hints as I go. I won’t be much help there.

I’ll second that book. I haven’t bought a new edition in ages but I have 2 earlier editions and read them front to back. It’s a great reference but also a great way to broaden your pc hardware knowledge.