Conan Exiles - Funcom, open-world survival

Ah - did only try from ingame. Let me see if I can figure that out.

After initially adding it via steam it would show up in the in game browser favorites… for me anyway.

Cheers! That worked petfectly! 🙂

Well - I got started just to the east of the Sentinels on a small island there.

Built a small tower, met someone whom I took for a quick tour of my old iron trail and had fun!

tomorrow, when I have more time, I´ll probably leave out some starter kit for people, depending on how far along I get myself.

Going to try to get on, always wanted to try this MP

I’ll join in next week when I am back from leave. Started playing on an officla public, but got distracted by ESO.

I always had a pretty good time in this back on the last server we ran. I will have to look up the new changes that were put in and maybe re-install it and get back in.

Thanks for setting this up for us.

A few things…

  • Night is almost instantious - Is that on purpose? I think it lasts all of 4 seconds. That invalidates a huge part of the gameplay in my opinion, as well as atmospherics. My tower looks GOOD at night in torchlight!
    Also - the sounds at night are great!
  • I didn’t see any purges oncoming? Are they disabled? If so, thats another large part of the gameplay that is missing.

All of the above is of course my opinion, but I really enjoy both those aspects of the game.

96% of server settings are (should be cause i didn’t change them) default at the moment including day/night and purge.

Most server setting can be viewed by hitting esc and going to the server tab and drilling through the options.

I haven’t had time to play myself yet to observe things but ill review settings again this evening.

Any tweak requests based on what you see let me know.

Night duration definitely sounds wrong.

Aye - Night seems a bit off. I mean, its your server, and I am just happy to join of course! But! I´d love for a bit of night. I´ll check it out, and check the settings, and let you know of any wishes I have and you can tell me if Im being outrageous :-D

Well night should be fixed if broken. I would think a 50/50 or 60/40 split ideal.


A buddy timed it for me and he is seeing 25 min day, 3min night, dusk/dawn not timed. Looks like it adds up to a 30 minute cycle which is correct for current settings BUT night is way short for default settings.

Something is wrong, will look later. Probably take several tweaks and restarts to adjust it.

Wow! I had forgotten what a huge install this game was. Need a new HD or spend hours uninstalling stuff…

Ran around a bit tonight, also no idea what I am doing. Set up a small base, again on an island east of The Sentinels. Ventured north a bit but ran away when I encountered some horned horse things seemingly guarding some iron, and some skeletons my stone sword did not seem to do much damage to.

Found @lord_pall’s base under The Sentinels, but nobody was home.

I¨m having a great time - my GF joined up as well, and we started on our first base in the North. Which reminds me… GRRRRRR- WHO ARE THE EnginEERS?! They took my favorite spot in the north! I am NOT amused, and considered starting a war! ;-)

Oh - @sharaleo - Once I get to empty my base just east of the sentinels (Out in the middle of the river) there are a few chests there with things you can take. Just need to take along the last few defenders there so they don’t attack you.

+1 for not a rectangle box house.

Hey! It’s got two rooms. TWO!

It’s been six months since I last played, and I see the old bugs are still there… Logging in, you sometimes lose your Journey steps. The corpse poofing bug is still there, but now it’s worse. Before, you could attack the ground near where you knew the corpse was and you could make it re-appear. Now when it poofs its really gone. And it happens all the time. Killing the Dafari camp at the western end of the Oasis and I’m lucky if I get half of the corpses.

And the lag, it’s so sooo bad. I have an ~84ms ping, but combat is a slide show of mobs warping everywhere. When fighting more than one enemy it seems to get worse and far more dangerous.

I’m really disappointed because I really love this game. I’m approaching nearly 400 hours and 0 of those are actual PvP.

I’m playing on abount 200-250ms and haven’t seen anything all that obnoxious, bug wise. Combat is relatively smooth, though I try to avoid engaging too many foes at once. I haven’t noticed anything I would describe as particularly buggy with regards to corpse behaviour, but I also havent attacked a camp, only mobs.