Conan Exiles - Funcom, open-world survival

Ping is about 30ms worse, around 110ms. But server perf is WAAAY better. It’s actually playable! No noticeable warping or issues. Something is wrong with that other server. Can you schedule regular restarts?

Yes, the admin GUI is much improved on

New one has scheduled nightly restarts (3am EST).

I did a steam update and restart today on the old one, give it a feel.

Also encourage you to try the new gameservers one to see how it feels.

I am happy to report that the original server is now playable with minimal warping. Hopefully a reboot every 24 hours will be sufficient to keep it that way.

Yep, much better now.

So, uh, I’ve been disconnected from the old server 4-5 times now. Not sure what’s going on.

In what sort of a time window? Last hour? Last day? Does it look like its up still or is it rebooting?

Limited tools available to me atm but ill check the web gui.

Last night i did goof the scheduled task and was running a reboot every minute for abot 5 min. Got it fixed to daily though, shouldn’t be that.

Cant tell much from here atm, will try to check logs later and maybe open a ticket. Any specifics about time of disconnects would help

Last time it did it was around 12:30pm PST. It had also done it earlier in the day. After the 12:30pm disconnect I figured I should probably play something else.

Yeah, I think I hit that, too.

Scheduled restart is daily 5am est so that shouldn’t be this specific event cause.

Continue to be less than impressed with serverblend (first server).

For those folks playing how much of a negative would it be if servers were switched. Might mean complete progress loss though could probably admin tool boost you close to what you were.

Sounds like you want to. 😉 I don’t much care, but you should figure out out soon. There is someone who is level 60 on the server who might be pretty upset about it.

I know that guy, friend from work so he doesn’t count ;)

I just want the best experience possible for the most folks… given the tools available.

I’ll give until Saturday for feedback then move things around if necessary.

I’m a noob figuring systems out anyway, so a restart won’t bother me.

Looks like V2 is offline. Oh, no, there it is. But it wants me to create a new character. And it’s a different IP. Did you do something?

Ya i moved it back to Dallas for ‘final’ testing. It wont move again.

So the concensus is the new box?

Edit - and what’s the new IP? :)

Bump! ;)

I will be shutting off the old one.

New ip Can also find it in the in game browser via Qt3 search. Same settings as old one.


The stuttering is back, and it’s driving me nuts. The disappearing corpses is just the utmost, highest levels of bullshit. They should not be working on any new features until they fix this shit.

But they did make the game harder. For some reason. A corrupted hyena will ruin your day. All day. Enemies now wield special attacks against you. It’s a like a mini game to see how many stacks of bleed you can get. Yeah, they drop more loot than they used to… but dying isn’t fun. The aggro range is also increased.

I think I’m done until they fix the stuttering and corpses disappearing.

(I know they won’t fix them.)