Conan Exiles - Funcom, open-world survival

Sounds like you want to. 😉 I don’t much care, but you should figure out out soon. There is someone who is level 60 on the server who might be pretty upset about it.

I know that guy, friend from work so he doesn’t count ;)

I just want the best experience possible for the most folks… given the tools available.

I’ll give until Saturday for feedback then move things around if necessary.

I’m a noob figuring systems out anyway, so a restart won’t bother me.

Looks like V2 is offline. Oh, no, there it is. But it wants me to create a new character. And it’s a different IP. Did you do something?

Ya i moved it back to Dallas for ‘final’ testing. It wont move again.

So the concensus is the new box?

Edit - and what’s the new IP? :)

Bump! ;)

I will be shutting off the old one.

New ip Can also find it in the in game browser via Qt3 search. Same settings as old one.


The stuttering is back, and it’s driving me nuts. The disappearing corpses is just the utmost, highest levels of bullshit. They should not be working on any new features until they fix this shit.

But they did make the game harder. For some reason. A corrupted hyena will ruin your day. All day. Enemies now wield special attacks against you. It’s a like a mini game to see how many stacks of bleed you can get. Yeah, they drop more loot than they used to… but dying isn’t fun. The aggro range is also increased.

I think I’m done until they fix the stuttering and corpses disappearing.

(I know they won’t fix them.)

Edit - oh, and bandages don’t work. Was reported back in JULY. Fuck these guys.

I’ve never experienced the disappearing corpses thing. Could it be lag-related? Or is it a new bug?

As for bandages, use aloe potions instead, they work great, especially when you stack them with meat, and they’re not super hard to make.

I’ve had several corpses melt into the mesh recently but the trick is to move around and spam E. Sometimes you can still interact with them and get the loot. You can also sometimes see part of their texture sticking up out of the ground. It’s pretty rare for me though. Usually its a human enemy.

One skull guys are tough. I wear heavy armor and that cuts down on the one shots. Aloa soup is great. Like barstein mentioned, potions are even better and you can combo it with food. You probably know all this. But get poison gas arrows. Seriously, it will change your game. Get a sand mask and get one for a beefy thrall. Then plop a cloud down and fight inside it. Most enemies melt. Wights at the mounds are naturally immune it seems.

Anybody catch the Funcom mount stream today?

This game is really an underrated gem. As long as you chill and just set your own quests and and goals its a blast. Yeah, fustrating sometimes but the stories I generate are great. Mostly running from this or that at low level but even after you get comfortable there is a lot of fun to be had.

Just watched the vod and it’s exciting to see new content, especially mounts. Sort of a let-down that it’s only horses and they didn’t really say whether other mounts would be added but horses are better than nothing at all.

Apparently there are data mined assets that indicate that Elephants are a down the road possibility. Also maybe dragons based on a furniture item from a DLC but that’s pure conjecture. It would be nice. I’m not a purist even though I read every Howard novel when I was a kid including the Sprague de Camp, and Lin Carter stuff. Even read the TOR stuff from the 80s and 90s as I got older. Riding a corrupted hyena wouldn’t exactly be canon but I don’t care. The game does a great job of capturing the low magic fantasy of the novels.

It’s literally been in the game for years. Funcom doesn’t care. The unofficial word on the forums is that it happens when an enemy finishes their death animation off-screen. But it can also happen a variety of other ways, even when you’re looking right at them. I knocked out an enemy and watched as their body disappeared beneath the world, and their health bar just kept dropping below the ground, lower and lower. Also, this pretty much means you can’t use daggers since they usually kill by DoT. The best way to bring the corpse back is to run 100 yards away or so and then run back. But fuck that noise.

I was able to fix the stuttering by turning on vsync, so that’s great.

I see they literally doubled the number of enemies on the pirate ship. Why? Why do they insist on making a game that’s extremely solo unfriendly less friendly?

Must be a PC thing, or I’ve just been extremely lucky.

This is kind of sad. I was thinking of starting playing, but am unable to commit to being online regularly with a group.

you can play in solo mode. And then you get to set the server levels however you want- gathering rates, crafting times, damage you do to enemies (and vice versa), etc. The game is extremely solo friendly, as long as you have access to the server settings.

I’ll keep that in mind, thanks. I like the setting. I’m tired of Elves, Nords, Khajiit, etc.

I’m in the same situation. You can play solo and use the server settings to customize to your own taste. You can even solo world bosses without messing with any of the combat settings. You no longer even have to cheese it with a palisades trap (which honestly wasn’t that cheesy since it still involved some risk) and can just use a good combat thrall and some prep. I try not to cheat on my own game. No spawning in epic weapons. I did use the fly command once to help me build a fort up on a hill but that was my only indulgence of the rules and I couldn’t get the building pieces to snap in otherwise.

The game is really quite fun but you have to be able set your own goals or you will get bored.