Conan Exiles - Funcom, open-world survival

This server has an economy. :-)

Apparently this game has a lot of titties.

Also dongs.

They’re pretty easy now with a decent fighter thrall.

@Razgon since you recommended I check this out… I see the base game on sale on Steam and then Deluxe and Complete bundles. Insomuch as I’m interested in checking out the various biomes, etc… how necessary are the additional packs? Do they add new regions or just different baddies to conquer?

They are just cosmetics - other building types and armors, and not necessary at all. Its just flavour.

edit: Oh, and @Clay - there is a lot of information about Conan Exiles here in the Epic thread, since it was supposed to be free and then got retracted there, if you want more information for a newcomer :-)

Is the game friendlier with a controller or Keyboard/Mouse? I just started and have so far used Keyboard/Mouse, but was just wondering what holds up better over the long haul. I have some RSI in my mouse shoulder so if controller is just as good, I’ll probably stick with that.

Also, you’re kind of just thrown in there to start. I collected some rocks, sticks, fiber and insects, managed to eat and drink, but can’t figure out anything else: crafting, etc. Should I just hit up a wiki for “instructions”?

Controller works well but it’s a bit fiddly managing stacks and shifting stuff to/from inventory and the quick wheel. I still use it as I like playing on the couch.

I think that ‘journey’ screen works as a pretty good guide on what you should be doing, just try do each line before moving to the next.

The actual mechanics of crafting are pretty straightforward. It’s like most of these games, you click on what you want to make on the right of the inventory screen. Craft some ‘stations’ (e.g. a campfire), place them in the world, and interact with those to be able to craft more stuff.

I play with controller with a smattering of M+K for inventory management, as above.

I use a controller as well, but works fine with mouse and keyboard as well.

As for what to do - well, its true, not very much in the way of instructions here. As I mentioned in the other thread I referenced up here, its a game where you set your own goals, and are free to do what you want.

I’d suggest trying to follow the journey as profanicus mentioned as a general guideline (You can enter the menu and see more journey options than just the three in the screen), but other than that, just explore a bit, build a bit, and try to move a bit further north or east when you are getting stronger, and getting better equipment.

If you like goals, the first one could be to get a house going near some iron :-)

Oh - items in the respawn after a small period of time.

Another good goal would be to visit all the Obelisks and religion trainers. Great way to learn the map. Some of those will be made more difficult by temperature, early on, so heat/cold protection would be another good goal.

Also note that most (if not all) of the crafting stations have a large “how-to” graphic on the right, to help you get started.

Awesome, thanks everybody!

If you are looking for a place to build in a solo game, I recommend the Sekhet Oasis just north of Sepemeru. It has coal, iron, rock, wood, dry wood, bark, fiber, water, basically everything that you need and the scenery is drop dead gorgeous. Plus thralls in Sep and quick access to an obelisk near the Warmaker’s dungeon.

New expansion. There do not appear to be any additional details at this time, however.

There are a number of changes to core mechanics like temperature and PvP:

Some good info here:

The expansion to an already released game is early access? What does that even mean? Jeebus, enough with all this early access nonsense already!


Expansion is not the same as DLC. Other games have done the same.

Well, a) is that really true? And b) what’s the difference between an expansion and DLC? I have always used the terms interchangeably.

But have other games really sold additional content and called the content “early access” when the game itself was a full release? Can you give me an example? That just seems weird to me. Like they’re trying to move backwards. You can’t go back to early access once you’ve decided you’re released. That’s cheating.