Conan Exiles - Funcom, open-world survival


Best way is to probably use server chat to ask one of the guys. It is only invite in person, I believe, so they can hook ya up!


Eff and Spect made it to the northern base! Welcome guys =) Base is starting to feel like home =)


You guys, I come on and I’m wearing plant fiber and holding a pointy stone. You’re all in cool armor and your base looks like Ikea gifted you a warehouse and workers to build everything. I’m a caveman and you guys are Imperial Romans!





This game is EQ1 good, Skyrim good. Here is my story:

I am Moll Rabban. Today my tale is of the discovery of Hide and Savory Flesh, which help my clan become more powerful.

I am a Kushite from the humid lands of the south. My clan members say I am tall and dark, never once realizing they are short and pale. I do not hold it against them, they learn respect from the wide swing of my maul. Kallas is a woman fighter like I, good with the blade but corrupted by her ritual consumption of human flesh. Old Bone is a cowardly man, always shooting arrows from his bow rather than facing his foes in battle, but smart in the ways of the world and content to worship his snake god in silence.

We are exiles, castaways, prisoners released into a new life. We gather in the verdant valley along the shore of a lazy river under a broken bridge made by our ancestors. Life is simple, we have crocs and turtles to hunt and cook, a stone shelter for our beds, plenty of water to drink and wood for our dancing fires.

The spirits move us to continue forth, especially the discovery of a tribe of savages who camp below a corrupted aqueduct. Our discovery of that place was our first adventure, and the mystery of the corruption was our first riddle.

We prepared ourselves overnight. I took a bedroll, filled my canteen, and made sure my simple equipment was in good order. Old Bone cooked us steaks from the grill (I did not take what Kallas offered from the fire). Dawn rose and it was bright enough to travel.

We went west to the end of the canyon and climbed past the sentries of the corrupted aqueduct. Up the sandy hill gave us a view of the desert highlands, marked by ancient and huge walls many times taller than I. Who made these? We will never know. We climbed up the slopes and along the base of the walls, then slid down into a wide expanse of sand.

Scorpions. We knew of them but have never seen any the size of women. Old Bone fired his arrows and Kallas put up her shield. She poked at the giant creature with her stone sword but it vanished beneath the sand - erupting suddenly to knock her off her feet. I ran into the fray swinging my massive cudgel. I swung over and over, pummeling the scorpion and also Kallas, killing the beast and also nearly killing my clanswoman. She lived but was not happy.

Old Bone took out his knife and hacked the creature into chunks. He knew right away from the size and structure of the meat they would make succulent steaks, better than we fed on in the valley. We gathered as much as we could and headed out. We would fight more scorpions in the sands. They slowly took their toll on our health, and we ate the steaks to recover.

The desert became rocky and we wound our way up and onto an outcropping of yellow stone. Dry trees were here, and short brown grasses, and chips of rock. We wandered and explored and time blurred. It was hot. There was no water so we drank from our canteens.

I spotted some tents so we explored. The desert was behind us, now it was hard rock and twisted plants all around. The weathered outline of a small camp was here, ragged red cloth flapping in the wind. Ghosts danced here and we danced with them to learn their powers. Far below we saw a larger village full of tribals. However, our supplies were low and we did not like our chances against their half-dozen warriors. We crept back along the ridge.

It was late afternoon, the sun was low. We started to trace a line down back to the valley. Then we heard the howls.

One hyena approached. Old Bone knocked an arrow but the dog ran towards us faster than he could aim. Kallas drew her sword and charged, cutting into it solidly. I paused, knowing my hammer could do as much harm as good. Kallas exchanged blows with the hyena, each cutting each. She called out and dove back, my sign to attack. I connected with a solid downswing and wounded it. It lept and bit me, knocking me to the ground and slashing me again. Old Bone struck it with an arrow and the dog fell.

The steaks heal us but there was no more steak. Kallas tore into the raw flesh she was carrying, she claimed her experience surviving in the wastes allowed her to eat it without being poisoned but I knew it was really foul magic. I munched on a few grubs, poor substitute for cooked steak. I was not healed.

It was dark now, the sun played tricks in these places. And then we heard more howls.

Three of them, three of us. I faced off against mine. It bit me more than I wanted - I have no shield to block their blows. But the dogs have no way to avoid the crack of their bones when my hammer smashes them. My companions were engaged, I was free to swing wildly. I gripped the shaft of the maul tightly and spun in my combat dance, pounding the hyena over and over. It died. I did not.

The blood was dripping from my face, obscuring my view. Old Bone took a torch from his pack and lit it or else we could not see. We hacked their corpses into pieces, discovering the dog’s thick hides were different from the thin-skinned beasts of the valley. Kallas knew she could use these to make us armor. We crept back and gathered all of the hides we could take.

More howls! We looked up and saw three dogs on the edge of a rock high overhead. The full moon lit the scene. They growled down at us. Suddenly, a tribal appeared on the ridge and the dogs attacked. We heard his screams as the dogs mauled him. We fled down the slopes.

Old Bone’s torch went out. It was pitch dark in these rocky canyons. I took a few pieces of fiber from my bag and re-bound the torch, lighting it for another precious few minutes. It lasted until we could see the glint of the moon off of the slow river of our home.

It was still dark when we lit the dancing fires in front of our stone hut. We fed until we felt healthy, then opened our sacks. We had gathered many fine pieces of meat, which we cooked to save for a few days. Better yet, the thick skins from the hyenas could be tanned and turned into leather, something that Kallas and Old Bone started right away. This meat and leather meant on our next adventure we would take less damage from creatures and be able to heal ourselves better, which would allow us to journey farther.

We danced by the riverbank until the sun rose. I walked upstairs beneath the thatch loft of our stone house, laid down on my simple cot and left for the world of dreams.

Next time - a new clansman and our search for steel-stone.


Well done! Great read. I look forward to the next installment.


You could at least strike a pose like Conan ;) (complete with Fozz legs under it.)


Did you end up trying it out? I hadn’t even heard of it for some reason until I saw it in the PS store. I’m also a bit fascinated by it, even though I only have a very tiny idea of what you actually do or how big the world is.


I’ve played the trial on the xb1x and it ran just fine and looked nice.


Not yet. It seems kinda like a game that benefits from playing with other folks on a private server and everyone here is plaing on PC. I’m still intetsted and will most likely snag it on sale to tinker with (Unless a PS4 community for it springs up on QT3)


I don’t know if this will end up as my GOTY or even in the top 5, but it’s certainly a strong contender as of now. I am really liking this game a lot.

Had a great time today with @Effidian running around and finding lots of cool stuff. At times I had big EQ1 vibe going on, with that same sense of danger early EQ1 players will remember. Like running through the Desert of Ro as a low level, dodging Sand Giants. Or having to make a corpse run at the bottom of Blackburrow.

At one point, we “trained” (remember that term?) a large world boss spider into a camp of exiles. It was decimating them until it got stuck in a mountain.

Also, last night our small clan delved into a dungeon and after struggling with a weird snake boss, we found a different route around it and proceeded to take out a dragon!

Really awesome time so far, and plenty more to discover and kill.


I see the Purge meter is creeping up. Is it going to attack you overachievers in the north or is my little hovel down south also in danger?


This is a quick out of game summary of last night’s adventure.

On Thursday night my clan got together online. There were 7 us of, we all are in the attached pic.

We started off with two honor combats. Metyra said Uthar looted Iron from a box and did not share. They stripped down naked and fought to the death. Uthar won so Uthar was right. Then I challenged Kallas to formalize my leadership of the clan. We stripped down and fought an epic fight between his sword and shield versus my maul. I won (with 20% health remaining) and remain clan leader - for now.

We ran 10 minutes north and visited the new settlement that Kallas and Old Bone built near the iron-stone fields. Its more dangerous there, but its a solid dwelling with plenty of room and allows us access to make iron tools, weapons and eventually armor.

We cleared a small cavern of some disgusting bloated human-spawn, and collected the crystals to grind into salt. We also peeked into the walls of the Unnamed City, and again had to flee from a single skeleton who we could barely damage.

The highlight was climbing the huge ruins that loom above our new settlement. Kallas had previously scouted a path up, and it took about 10 minutes of careful climbing to make it up to the raised platform. One of us fell on the climb and died on the rocks below. On top was an amazing view - and a massive, wrinkled bat monster.

We teamed up and managed to kill it. Three of us died in the process, but we had dropped bedrolls on top of the platform so we re-spawned close by. Someone harvested the bat with a new iron skinning knife and took 35 “bat hide” from it, we don’t know what it does (yet). In its altar were instructions for something secret, we followed them and have to wait to collect what it makes. Some thought it will be nothing more than bat guano.

A few people were bound to beds nearby so they jumped off the platform to their deaths, their corpses landing more or less on top of the new settlement. The rest of us climbed down carefully. One more person slipped and fell to their death. They were bound far to the south, so the two of us that remained split up their belongings to carry back down.

We quit after 2 hours. A few more people stayed on to craft or build.

We will get together next Thurs night from 8pm to 10pm eastern. Any disputes will be resolved by single combat, and I will once again have to defend my right to be clan leader by beating a challenger.

Its an epic, amazing game. 40,000 people were playing in the last 24 hours. If you are curious now is the time to play!


I believe the purge meter is clan specific. Ours is definitely getting full, but I don’t think that effects you. You may be just achieving more than you think. :)


two weeks out: 80 hours played… yeah, it’s a pretty good time =) I definitely got my money’s worth out of this title. I think I have 200 hours in all told.


Well crap, I better work on my defenses. If anyone has bastards or unwanted sons, send them my way.


Man, I haven’t had much time to play in the last week between work and playing tennis and spending time with the GF. I’ve been into tennis and working on my backhand with a new grip to take some pressure off my elbow. Time slips away.

I am going to jump on the server but you guys are so far ahead of me. I’m still in the stone age. I have no idea how to make steel weapons or if I should even invest in that kind of crafting. I guess I’ll just be the crazy old man wandering the streets, drinking out of a brown paper bag.


So I started this last night with a few friends - it is a lot to learn. While climbing seems pretty good, getting down has resulted in more than a few deaths. What is the best way to get down ? Is there way to climb “down”?


You can hit climb when against a cliff while falling to break your fall. I typically just run off the cliff, turn around and hit climb down the cliff. Of course, this has gotten scary a couple times when I ended up jump off a ledge…


Mark, The thing about a solid clan is… we have stuff! We can help you out, and I know Spect and Eff have both leveled up quicker helping out up north. Plus… Dragons! =)