Conan Exiles - Funcom, open-world survival


You said the same place as it leaves male gamers… except no it doesn’t.

I realize this is Funcom, and one of the only ways they know how to market their games and get attention in a sea of like games is to throw something extreme out there to get an article. It’s the same thing they did with their MMO… except I question the wisdom and logic behind this idea. Like what would really make a living and breathing Conan world thrive is to replace all the T-bag antics from the Halo and like games with castration like finishing moves and have a world full of eunuchs, oh and bunch of naked women using breast sliders designed more for the male audience than the female…

OR they could provide a rich and meaningful world, with an engaing experience that doesn’t just cater to t-baggers, and throw in adult elements from one of my favorite dark and gritty fantasy worlds.


I guess the the dong slider was as easy way to get some publicity. Already this thread seems to be showing better growth than other similar titles, like Osiris.


I giggled. Maybe this IS for me after all :)


Am I missing something or did everyone in this thread pay $30 to play an alpha?


Yeah, Early Access over the past year or two.


Welcome to the future! They told us we’d have rocket cars and cities in space, instead we have buggy dick physics.


Half of a dozen of us or so having fun on the Qt3 server, probably room for more. This game has potential fur sure.


It’s certainly more playable with you guys. If I was trying this solo I would have slammed my keyboard into little pieces by now.


It’s a lot of fun - mostly a serious crafting game with occasional brutal fighting. I’ll get my $30 out of it, no doubt. I agree with Hark that it’s better with some friends than alone, which could be pretty frustrating if your progress just got repeatedly destroyed.


Oooh, I might try the server if spots are open. Not sure how my rig will handle it, but solo it does ok. And my times online will probably be opposite most others since I work evenings and when not working evenings deal with family, so my playtime is almost exclusively days.


I’ll probably stream again tonight. If you guys are interested I can put up my videos from yesterday. Towards the end, I was with the Qt3 group. I’ll probably play at least a couple of hours tonight. I’m thinking of trying to make a large outpost more towards center map for our clan. Something to do while people aren’t on.


Make sure you log off indoors. Lots of clanmates were logging off just laying about in random places outside our buildings which means you are probably going to die to wildlife when nobody is there to watch you


well shit.

we do have archers though


Seems the server needs rebooting


Someone appears to be logged in?


oh, huh, I’m getting this info 2nd hand


Yeah, a new patch just got released, seeing if I can get on to let the person know. Hate bouncing when someone is in game.


Yeah, understandable.


It was me. NP. Message received =)


Yeah, sorry, couldn’t connect, my client had already updated. Wish they had a server messaging system so I could at least send out an alert.

It is back.