Conan Exiles - Funcom, open-world survival


I’m playing on a different public server with guildmates, but this is fun enough that I’ll likely be starting another character on the Qt3 one. I saw it on the server list the other day, but didn’t notice if it’s password protected or public.


I have been a little busy this weekend so didn’t make it on. Did you guys still want me to destroy that little house on the island S of the settlement? I can move the stuff out of the boxes there, destroy it, and log out in the base.

I think the game has potential, but I have been super spoiled by ARK and the way it is more geared to the solo person (and I started ARK pretty early on in like July of 2015). I find myself logging in Conan and asking myself what do I want to do? It is probably more of a balance thing and needing some more content. I don’t have enough items to make or work on and it takes so long to grind levels to unlock some basic items that I feel I need that I just give up and log off. I don’t feel nearly tough enough to venture inland and look for iron and don’t have half of the initial armor upgrades and grinding killing imps over and over to level and no real reason to build a personal base makes me wonder how to progress. It may just not fit my preference too.


Right now, the password is off on the server. It was removed both to help let others get on that were having problems with it, and to see if it would get more clans to start showing up for more interactions.


DIfferent servers have different rates for lots of things in game, like exp, time to build things, whether buildings take damage from players or not, etc. I’d guess there’s one out there that would feel better to you. I’ve built a pretty decently sized base with a couple of evenings of mostly crafting, and have hit level 30 i think. On a slower server, it might not be as much fun. Or I might run out of fun things to do soon on this one and start on another - will have to see what the days bring.


Our server is currently set with Player XP at 2.5x, health and water needs at 0.5x, crafting speed at 0.7x, and spoil rate at 0.3x

We were running a bit lower on the XP, but once you start getting to the interesting levels, it can take a full more than a full night to get a new level.


Yeah, I think I will enjoy it more once I start hanging out more with the clan.

One thing that keeps bugging me, and I know it is early, is that the creature spawns all appear to be static. On the one island where I put my house there is one crocodile and one of the big turtle like guys, and I always know if I walk down to the one shore there will be a crocodile there. I know there are more important things to work on right now, and I think the game shows a ton of promise, but those are the types of things nagging at me even though I try to block them out :).

I will try a few more times, but it may just end up being one game for me to let cook a bit before I dive in further.


You all should stop having fun while I’m at work.


I’m at work as well, just happen to have the server manager website open in one of my tabs just in case.


I’m at work as well - won’t likely be on until tomorrow afternoon or evening, unless it gets very quiet in the night here and I can sneak away for a little game time.

I like having mostly static spawns for both creatures and mining nodes, as it helps immensely with choosing a site for your base and access to materials afterwards. The creatures do seem to wander a pretty large area, with pathing that changes from day to day. I often run into crocodiles and rockcreatures that spwan near my base, but they’ve wandered just outside my base. Keeps me listening for footsteps when I’m mining.

I’m on a blitz server, so things move a lot faster than usual. I haven’t play ed on a non-blitz server, so I’m not sure just how much faster it is, but things move, and you can see significant progress in a session.


I think there are basically three small qt3 groups going at this point, and one or two quiet public players. Our group has moved around a couple of times. Pretty fun! Clans are super critical to being able to continually build and craft stuff, and we have some ace builders/crafters.


Funcom announcement:[quote]The Conan Exiles game released in Early Access on the Steam platform a week ago has sold more than 320,000 units* worldwide. In addition, all of the costs directly related to this game** have been recouped and the project is now operationally profitable. [/quote]


This is a new base that myself, Kono, barstein and Harkonis have been working on. Coming along nicely now that survival is more assured…


Wow. Already turned a profit, that’s terrific news for the game’s future.


Is the base building done brick by brick or do you gather a bunch of resources and then purchase a smithy or mead hall?
How grindy is it? Are there PvE servers?


The base building is very similar to other survival games in that you lay foundations, place walls and decorate. It’s not brick by brick so much as 2x2 wall sections.

There are several types of servers: PVE, PVP and PVP Blitz are the main categories. Then under those are player type themes like relaxed, hard core, etc…


If you get in, join our server. We’re PvP I believe, but not killing each other


There has been an update, I think, and the server may need reset again.


It also means the survival/crafting boom isn’t close to being done.


I did a bounce/update early this morning. Is this another update just recently? Again, there is someone logged into the server and can’t communicate with them to let them know a bounce is happening.


I received a message like 3 hours ago, so you probably got it.