Conan Exiles - Funcom, open-world survival


It is an open server, but I have Battleye turned off and haven’t promoted it, so only the handful of Qt3 folks that play are ever on it. I could start pushing the server if we want to see more randos? Or people are welcome to invite their own friends or clans on it. Again, it is a 30 slot so we have a lot of room for growth.


I saw you on the server list Banzai. Let us know if you want a tribe invite or want to fly solo and learn for a bit.

For the group working on base 2…

Steel weapons and tools in one of the chests, keep an eye out for an armor bench thrall. On later this evening.

Post on reddit comparing weapon dps, tldr its not very balanced atm


did some quick testing with Fozz and found that the heavy swing (charged attack) does the exact same as the fast swing as well. So silly, hoping it gets balanced up a bit fairly soon.

I would prefer to leave the server open, but would like the anti-cheat on if we’re going to allow randoms.


Looking at that list of weapon damage, I can’t help but think the Ancient Khopesh has it’s damage switched. Probably should be 67 and not 76. That would put it just under the Axe for dps which is where it should be since it’s a lower level weapon


Another patch just happened. If they are going to patch as often as they had been, do we need to have a faster way to bounce the server?


Server bounced and updated. Sorry for anyone that was connected that I couldn’t warn you beforehand.


Battleeye seems pretty invasive, so I haven’t installed it. What’s the story there?


It is their anti cheat service. But I didn’t like it so set up our server without it. That means though that some people might be less likely to play on it since it isn’t on.


Is there a way to change the server from pvp blitz to just pvp? I’d hate for everything to get reset on us in a mont…


I have the blitz option turned off in server settings. Not sure why it keeps showing up in the browser.


So last night we had 8 people on the server, a couple of which were public folks. Should we consider the anti-cheat thing? It’s usually fine to run without… until it isn’t. There isn’t much time in between order and chaos though…


I just really dislike Battleye as a service, but if the consensus of the folks playing is we want it on I will do so.


I finally had some time to pop on last night for a bit. I am still near the initial base. I ventured out alone to see how I would fare against spiders, hyena and ostrich. The ostrich are definitely way too much for me for now, but the others are not too bad and the agro range of the ostrich things is low.

I was going to go look for some iron, but have no idea where to look yet. I will have to check around some more.


Yeah, I made a little hovel-base near the ruined aqueduct, and… it is going alright. I was murdered by hyenas many times many times. One tip is, get the stone sword earlier than later. It made the Hyenas basically trivial. I held off, wanting to do bow stuff, but it was really hard to get hide without a sword.

Also, the fiber-bedroll disappears when you respawn on it. So, rebuild one right away. I learned that the hard way, and had a long trek back to my base.

Game seems really neat though. I enjoy the conan barbarian style flavor over the Rust post-apocalypse mechanic.


For some reason, the server comes up as invalid now. I’d guess it’s related to their daily - sometimes twice daily! patches.


I don’t imagine anyone will criticize the team for taking too long between updates


Don’t underestimate the gamers!


Too many updates! where do I complain!


Guess what just happened? Another update!


Server has been updated and restarted.