Conan Exiles - Funcom, open-world survival


Awesome! Thanks!


Might be on later tonight, getting murdered by packs of hyenas. Those things just never stop jesus.


I finally got used to heading to the iron spawns and back. I have been having luck shooting the spiders with a bow lately.

I will try to catch up with you guys this weekend and find the forward base the clan has set up. I did see another clan base, but I forgot the name.


Yeah, I would love an invite to the clan as well.


I’ll log on and see if I can find you for invite if you still need it. You have access to Discord?


Yup, on the Qt3 one.


Been playing a lot the last few days, mostly on the Wyld Tribe server. The building is appealing to my former civil engineer self. I feel it suffers a little in comparison to the landscape behind it, but it’s home.

Now that it’s mostly on autopilot, time to get back to qt3, where I believe I’m still in a loincloth and running from hyenas.


The problem with people playing early access games is that they get tired of the game by the time it comes out as a finished release. Since I only buy final releases that means everyone is gone by the time the game releases and it’s done. Is this the new model, just grab money during testing and don’t worry about actually launching?

Kind of a weird model we are in now.


It happens every time. I read threads like this here and I want to buy the damn game. Not this time. I have a backlog that I haven’t even played and new games that I have in a rotation. I will not be sucked in. DO YOU HEAR ME? I will not be moved!


Pretty sure another patch has hit since the last server update.


Yeah… so whoever tried to help me, I guess thanks for nothing?

I was told to head to wherever the clan base was, and I got killed along the way, and now nobody is online to help me get my stuff back. I was bringing all of my gear to the new place, so I lost everything about halfway up the river.

There are SOOOOOOOOO many hostile NPCs in this game, it is nearly impossible to play solo.

So, let me know when someone can be on to invite me for reals, so I don’t lose everything again.


That was me. Game crashed to desktop, then crashed again while trying to reconnect. :(


Well, I lost everything, it is way too dangerous of a trek for me alone.

The combat in this game is really bad so far, I feel like I get just absolutely gangbanged by like 4 hostile NPCs at a time when I am running around. The hyenas seem to zero in on you from about 50 yards out, it is insane. There is really nothing you can do a lot of the time. And without help it is just hours of retrekking back to get your stuff


I’ll be checking this out this spring when it hits EA on the Xbone. I’m really curious how much polishing they do between then and now- with the rate of patches it seems like they’re putting out, it sounds like it might be in good shape by then. Thanks, guys!


Yeah, it does need some serious work, but the foundation is pretty solid so far. I really dig the Conan theme for one of these types of games.


the key to solo is get the sword, and advance slowly making sure you only aggro one thing at a time. Early on avoid crocs, birds, rhinos.


Try “the Forest”. It’s not nearly as expansive as Ark and co, but is really well done. You must like log cabins and camping though as that’s kinda around the tech you’re limited to. The game even has a bit of story which is really nice.


You can also use the two handed stone maul and right click the critters for a fast pushback that also hurts them, keeping them from hurting you for the most part. Hark’s absolutely right though, moving slowly and getting attention from only one critter at a time is crucial until you have good armor and weapons.

I have a decent base of operations a little east of you guys and south of the pirate ship, but it took three tries to get here from my previous base due to unexpected spider/rocknose combos. It’s nice to have a game where you can actually die and have to do a corpse run to get your stuff back. So many MMOs these days are just a trail of white bread crumbs with the only risk being choking on all of the crumbs.


Thanks for the heads up, I’ll put it on my wishlist so I can keep track of it!

Was the Forest single player only when it first came out? I thought it was, but maybe I just got it mixed up with another game.


yeah, I met up with one of the guild members, and I am now stationed at forward base. Working on getting my bow skills up. This is a lot more fun with a group though. Solo just took forever, and the enemy AI is a bit wonky. Like, I would have hyenas spot me from hundreds of feet away and just beeline to me. And gators that would aggro and follow me for miles away.

I think the problem I had was “I want to do bow-stuff” and that means I didn’t get swords etc right away, and the area I chose was just littered with hyenas (like 10 spawns) making it hard to live there.