Conan Exiles - Funcom, open-world survival


Does this game seem like it’s going to be an infinite-early-access game like every other multiplayer survivalcraft griefing-sim made in the past few years?


I’ll keep an eye on it too. I thought it was single-player only, but it looks like that changed.


Yea you can do mo with friends. I really, really enjoy the game, but then again it’s only my second survival game,


So far my only experience with the survival genre really as been ARK. ARK is severe on older systems, which we all have but that will change in year or so; it doesn’t have friendly public severs at all, and the really hate this dedicated server stuff. I mean I understand it, sort of, because dont’ starve does it a little too but that one requires me to do a lot less work than what ARK had me doing.

I also can’t in games where I am “on” when I am not playing. I mean work and life schedule, I might play a game for six hours one day one weekend and not get back to it again for two weeks or so. I didn’t like being punished for not playing games on Facebook, and I don’t like it now either.


ranged weapons are almost completely useless at this point. (actually about 80% of the weapons are useless at this point) they haven’t really done a pass on them yet. Until they do it’s best to just stick to what we know works because the difference between the ones that are good and the ones that aren’t is definitely your death.

swords, iron maul’s right click, pike.


I was watching a stream last night that had a guy fighting spiders with a bow pretty effectively. I haven’t tried bows at all, but spiders with crippling poison seems like the right circumstance for them.


Yeah I have much better luck with the bow and spiders myself. Two shots and they are dead and even if I don’t try to strafe, I kill em faster and with less damage taken than trying to sprint up and whack em with an iron sword. Plus I really get frustrated trying to run while snared and keep just missing them due to being out of reach :).


I think It’s too early to tell, but I wouldn’t expect it to exit EA anytime soon. My guess would be it follows a similar pattern as other games on the genre.


They’ve stated they expect the game to be in EA for about 12 months.


Who killed you multiple times in UO? :)


Okay you bastards, downloading now. ::sigh::


I’ve been using a shield and sword and block, jump forward, swing swing, done. Arrows weigh entirely too much for me to carry them around


I went ahead and “specialized” in ranged anyway despite the limitations. Not the best of choices, but I knew that. Hoping that something will be buffed again. Shout out in Discord when you’re in, Rich. Be happy to try to not let you die alone on the river.


I’ve been so into this game that I started another new character on an official server to add full on griefing to the difficulty level. Haven’t experienced any PvP there yet, and have found a spot that wasn’t already taken for a starter base. So far, so good. Great game, even this early.


I will be on the server for awhile right now if anyone wants an invite and a armed escort to the main base!


For you guys playing, how will this find its unique place to establish it is worthy of playtime vs Ark or some other game. What, beyond just the Conan Universe theme, does (or will) make it fun?

Also, how buggy is the stuff that is already there?


Well, I’m not playing yet (waiting for the Xbone), but I’m mostly intrigued by stuff like this from the Reddit AMA:

We want to have a game where NPCs inhabit a living, breathing world, but where players make a real impact on the environment and become a part of that world. Through the thrall system we hope to introduce complex behaviours that allow you to build your own cities and towns and as we add features such as the Purge, we are going to be trying to create a dynamic world that challenges your right to survive

So, working with friends to build a town/fortress/whatever, that gets invaded by AI enemies, etc. sounds pretty cool. I know a lot of that isn’t in there now, but it sobs like they’re being given the resources to make it happen.


I’m downloading it now. Glancing over the thread I saw the server was set to 30 slots. Is there still room for a new player?


Yep plenty of room, think we’ve hit 10/30 a few times. Usually its 5ish / 30


Tell me of Battleye Anti-cheat, Usul? And caveats to installing it?