Conan Exiles - Funcom, open-world survival

Xbone preview not until Spring? Damn, but I guess with the was some of the other Previews are going coughSubnauticacough that might not be a bad thing. And hey, if I can get a Scorpio in the fall and leave my OG Xbone running a server for me and my friends, that’d be awesome.

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Reminder: Early access starts on the 31st.

Cinematic trailer

You know, I really would love a game like this, but I just have zero interest in the PVP aspect and so many of these survival games are predicated on that. Yeah, you can play games like ARK in PVE (and I did), but it’s largely missing that base defense element. I want to run into bandits, other tribes, villages, etc and have my town raided by them, not other players at three in the morning or using exploits to get inside my walls to kill me.

I really like some of the stuff they’re doing here. The setting is cool, I like the fact that you’re building a village with NPCs and not just a shack for yourself and your friends. But from the videos, it seems like the only goal of the game is to find someone else’s town and wreck it for the lulz and that just has zero appeal to me.

The exploration / building aspects appeal to me. The combat, especially PvP stuff do not. Also if its just some kind of static building stages, like bring us 200 logs and 200 bricks and the settlement goes from level 3 to 4, then no, that does not appeal to me.

If its free form building, something like minecraft coupled with a living world of NPCs, then that would appeal to me greatly.

“Conan! What is best in life?”

“Gank the noobs. Steal they stuffs. Hear them cry like bitches.”

From the videos, it looks like it’s more on the free-form side, similar to games like Ark (but you can do cool stuff like build up along clifffaces, etc).

I can’t wait to give this one a shot, but not on public PvP servers. Hopefully we can get a forum group server up and going at some point.

I am in day 1, but also not on a public server.

Would love to play on a forum server.

That Ark itch needs scratching.

I don’t mind pvp if it is all on a level playing field and the penalties for dying are trivial… ala ESO Cyrodiil. But something like this would be way too frustrating since it seems that you need constant time spent online to maintain competitiveness (keep your base from being destroyed/captured) and reliance on other people for clan/tribe/group advantages which are often crucial.

My big question is whether there will be enough solo content?

That’s my question as well. If there is enough to get me to bite, I don’t mind running a small Qt3 server.

My feeling too. I love the idea of this game. I have no interest in decapitating my friends or some unknown person or rival team. I just want to explore an open and dangerous world WITH my friends.

I know a ton of people who want the same thing. I’m a little surprised that so few people seem to be targeting that market, especially when the survival crafter genre has gotten so oversaturated.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t even dare express my want of this on any of these dev/pub sites. The gaming community becomes extremely abusive if you even hint that you don’t want a Lord of the Flies experience that games like ARK have… that you want coop. You should see some of the complaints that came from the server jumps and the shift of power that came with that.

I also wonder how shallow some of these games might be without PVP because creating a meaningful PVE experience is probably pretty hard but… fighting of cannibals, vicious critters, AI tribes… I don’t get why I can’t have that

The fatal flaw in all PvP games like this, is that it takes a lot more time to make something, than it does to destroy it. If they could flip that on it’s head in a meaningful way, it might be fun. DaoC sort of went down that road, by making keeps take some actual effort to get through, but even that fell short.

I actually like PvP servers well enough, but the frustration of having whatever you build destroyed in the night is a total non starter.

Shadowbane got around that by a complicated scheme that essentially meant that a battle to destroy a player-built town wasn’t the easiest thing to initiate and if it did get started, it was scheduled so both sides knew when it would begin. So no sneak attacks.

A very real problem with these types of games, even if they come up with good rules, is that the losers tend to be discouraged and quit playing. You don’t want to drive players from your games.

BTW, what was the name of that more recent PvP MMO that had boats, castles, etc. It was built by people who liked Shadowbane. It had mouse aiming too I think.

It actually sounds like this game has some of that. Non-player-owned tribes, monsters etc. I just doubt they’ll actually try to invade your stuff without Real human intervention. That would be cool, though. I’ve only ever played ARK solo, and yeah, it’s missing something. Subnautica is good for solo, but it’s only solo. Astroneer seems like it’ll fit the bill once it’s fleshed out. But this would be awesome to run a little private server, exploring the world, building a little community, defending it against marauding NPC hordes that slowly build over time.

I’ll probably grab it on the XBone in the spring, regardless.

I might seem pick, but really if it’s dangerous and worthwhile for me to leave camp/town/castle to get stuff I’d be fine. Even when i was in a guild for my MMO days, I avoided a lot of the raids. I don’t need that to have fun… now gathering berries and having a saber-tooth suddenly chase me down to the river where my friends are fishing and yell at me for training them… I could get behind that.

VG24/7 notes that this will be going into early access next week. They also mention that the game will support both public and private servers! $29.99 for the basic buy in and $59.99 for the “Barbarian Edition”.

The Barbarian Edition has quite a collection, including some physical items (maybe just one t shirt now that I look closer), that may be enticing to some. I wonder if the RPG pnp is any good. (Pasted over from Steam without all the extra details)

Conan Exiles – Barbarian Edition includes:

Conan Exiles Digital Comic Book

Six ‘Conan the Avenger’ Digital Comic Books

Six full-color digital comic books from Dark Horse Comics featuring the entire A Witch Shall Be Born story arc. These stories take place directly after Conan has visited the Exiled Lands.

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‘The Coming of Conan’ eBook

Modiphius Conan Role-Playing Game Digital Core Book
This is Conan roleplaying as Robert E. Howard wrote it – savage pulp adventure battling ancient horrors in the Hyborian Age. This beautiful 368 pages full-color digital RPG book contains everything you need to play the popular pen and paper Conan RPG developed by Modiphius. Also included is a 50% discount to ‘The Jeweled Throne’ optional digital supplement book.

Conan Exiles Physical T-Shirt

Age of Conan, Rise of the Godslayer, Conan Exiles Soundtracks

Conan Exiles Digital Artbook

In-game items for use in the Age of Conan MMO, including 7-day membership

Conan Exiles Twitch Overlay
Conan Exiles Wallpapers

But most people play Rust, Dayz and Ark like that, WITH their friends. Just because there is pvp it doesn’t mean you can’t play with your friends without killing each other. In fact, pvp is there to have the latter of the two things you’ve mentioned (open and dangerous).