Conan Exiles - Funcom, open-world survival


Don’t burn out before the 8th!

Im popping in occasionally not doing too much yet.


I keep forgetting to install! I will try to remember before I go out tonight…


I’m tempted to try his when it releases on console, but I’m wondering what (if any) it has for a micro transaction scheme? I’m pretty fed up with micro transactions these days.


I hadn’t heard of any MT schemes. Are they common in this genre?


There has been no talk of micros.

There are large chunks of free content coming post release. They have mentioned larger paid dlcs being possible.


Lots of bugs from last ‘big’ patch. 2 weeks out? Uh. I can’t even build half the things I want to because it would ‘block my spawn point’…which is nowhere near what I’m working on. Ergh.


I feel like they are common in a lot of genres these days. I don’t mind actual paid DLC, but I’ve had it with Micro’s.

I’ve never played an open world survival game so I’m not sure what is “normal” for this genre. I thought I might give this a shot though.


This particular game has shown nothing about MT schemes. Neither does ARK, but I was not a huge fan of their ‘paid expansion during early access’ fuckery.

Paid expansions/DLC after EA, okay, yeah, whatever. That ship has long sailed.

But I haven’t heard anything about any sort of MT’s.


I might get back into this. I’m largely in a different head space these days w/r/t gaming but still very motivated. If there’s still room on the server and enough change to the game to be of interest (sounds like there may be), I’ll probably consider jumping back in. If you guys’ll have me! (Sorry about all the ghosting, long story.)


Always room for some berz.

Also a ton had changed, the new combat is leaps better than it was.

3 new biomes (map is nealy double what it was), farming, early purge, more dungeons, neutral relic hunter city, etc.

Just got to get some pesky bugs fixed for launch.


you can play for 2 hours for free on xbox right now, though the EA version has some bugs you will still get to see how it all works.


I just picked this up, would like to play on the server if someone can pm me the details. I am UK based so times could be a bit off but if that’s ok, would like to participate


Pm sent!

Reminder we are wiping on may 8 release.

Current settings are default with 1.25 exp rate for killing and crafting… maybe gathering too, have to look.

May not see much activity yet as most folks are waiting for the 8th.


Waiting on the 8th myself. New combat looks leaps and bounds better then what it was for sure.


I’m on PS4 so that’s a no go for me. :(

Thanks though.


it is so hard for me to get bone :( light armor seems harder to get and maintain than heavier stuff as a result.


Thanks, that’s fine, give me a bit of time to play around 1st and then get stuck in on the 8th


Also Waiting on the 8th, but I am excited to see where its come! Had a lot of fun with this when we first threw up the server.


Patch today. Should have server patched within an hour.

Edit: Patched and working, turned offline thurst/hunger down to 0.1 from 1.0 to prevent dying while offline.

Todays Dev stream, Purge info starts at 13:30


Looking for input on server setting from you guys. Anything from exp rates per kills/craft/gather to day/night cycle ratios.

Also The Purge. How often? During what days and time frames? How long should it last? Is there a minimum number of players online for it to happen? Tons of options to tweak this for a good challenge and base design testing vs PvE mobs.

Another patch today.