Conan Exiles - Funcom, open-world survival

Yes Bakasarius, you definitely did that. You did give me my stuff back though and a few extra things you looted from others I presume.

I did enjoy this game, but really to draw me back, they need to add a real magic system to the game. Maybe several magic systems.

Some of the stuff does seem gamey. Farm X critters here. Unlock Y spawns there.

So Siptah is pretty fun. The new systems have a semi-steep learning curve (whether you’re a veteran or you’re new to Conan) and there’s not a lot of comprehensive info out there on how they work (that I’ve seen) but I think I’m beginning to get it. Thanks for letting me play on your server, @pyrhic.

Just saw this Isle of Siptah Summoning Surge Guide on reddit:

Hey everyone! I’m newish to Conan and new to the subreddit and wanted to try to make a guide to help with the basics and details of Summoning Surges at Leyshrines.

I tried to answer all the questions I personally had that I couldn’t get answers for easily.

Edit: I spelled Harvester wrong on one of the sheets and went to fix it.

Having played it now for a bit I can tell you exactly what it means.

The game’s not yet finished. Much of the setpieces are in place, but there’s no ending.There’s also some balance issues and many loose ends like recipes that have ingredients that don’t exist to even the naming of one of the critical items in the game (at least I assume that ??? is a placeholder for a real name, and not the laziest name ever created. I’ve taken to calling it Macguffin in my conversations with fellow players).

If i were to hazard a guess, i’d say that the early release is a money grab to prop up Q3 and Q4 numbers in what was probably a dismal FY20.

Hoo boy, the Siptah grind for getting from tier 1 crafters to something better is starting to wear me down. If you play with a clan and/or can tweak the server settings to be more forgiving/generous, it’s a bit easier, but a solo player on a default settings server faces a very steep mountain to climb for a small, if any, reward.

imo, it’s pretty much un-doable without a clan/group. First you’d have to grind the 1000 ??? all by yourself - that’s killing 500 maelstrom spawns. Then you’ve got to clear the pads. That’s 2-3 bosses on you - you can probably kite some of them while your pet tanks. But you still have to knock out the thralls and then wheel them. The best thralls usually don’t show up until later in the cycle, and you probably won’t make it there because it will take you so long to grind through the pads. And that’s assuming it’s a pve server - pvp?? You can probably forget about it as someone is very likely to cut you down while you’re occupied with something else…

Yep, it’s pretty demoralizing. I bet it’s no less frustrating on public PVE servers and could be even worse, depending, as other players who happen to see your Surge could just run over and steal or kill your hard-earned thralls with almost no personal risk, since you can’t fight back.

Maelstrom spawns need to drop more ??? per spawn kill than they do currently, summoned surges need to have more guarantees in what they will spit out, and wild surges should have a chance (or better chance, if it’s just my luck) of yielding T2-3 crafter thralls.

And don’t get me started on convergence traps, which can be destroyed in a single bite from the lowliest of the Maelstrom spawns.

ya, good point about pve, that’s true.

I’ve changed my mind a bit on the wild surges - i used to think they should spawn t2-3 randomly, but now i no longer do. Without knowing about it, i actually set up a base under a surge point - so pretty much every time i log in, i have thralls on my roof. If they were actually randomly t2/3, i’d probably not even bother with the leyshrines

Hah, yes, I think I discovered that settlement when I ran towards a distant wild surge, last week. And yeah, you’re probably right. Maybe if Funcom were to block construction within a certain radius…no, it might still be too easy.

Its probably good to keep in mind, that the DLC Isle of Siptah is actually still a far way out from release, which is sometime next year.

Right now, its just a new map that ins’t really setup for solo play, but more of a barebones idea with the core systems implemented, and not much else. I suspect its going to take a good deal close to a year, before the release, and the DLC will hopefully look vastly different then.

Although, without permanently fixed settlements,I don’t know how they will make it as interesting or viable for solo players are the original game is.

Same here. Isle of Siptah looked really mysterious and enticing from previews, but the actual solo experience is a soul crushing grind. I’ll try and revisit it later after more development, but for now I uninstalled the game since it expanded to over 100 GB and I needed the space.

Oh, I’m well aware. I just went in hoping that, as with the original Exiles release, I would be dealing with barebones story content and limited/missing features. What I didn’t expect to find was a de facto clan requirement for crafting progression. I’m not particularly upset about it, though, just frustrated and a little disappointed.

Oh I get that - I rented a server myself to play on the new island. Just moved it today over to normal Conan instead of the DLC, sadly. Oh well, here’s hoping they make it just as fun a place to adventure in, as the original Conan Exiles land!

Just loaded this up following a 6-month hiatus and it seems like the new crafting patch has removed the ability to make “Ancient” weapons or, at the very least, I don’t know where it can be done now. Any ideas? I already have Ancient weapons and I’m fairly sure I crafted them but the recipes don’t exist in the blacksmith bench anymore…? I can’t seem to repair them either, says I’m not skilled enough?

Edit: nvm. I was missing the recipe so I’m guessing it was reset at some point…

Yeah, the crafting changes were extensive and it will take a while for folks to get up to speed. Especially at the rate that the wiki has been updating since the update hit.

My single biggest beef with all the changes (well, my only beef) is that oil takes forever to accumulate now. I get that the goal was to reduce server performance hits from massive fish trap farms, and that fishing was extremely OP before, but I think they went a little far. It would take a solo player just starting out hours (or days, depending on how they juggle priorities) to acquire enough to oil craft good armor. And fishing is super boring/grindy.

Personally, I see this as a perfect opportunity to add a fishing pole to the game.

I’m not a big fan of the crafting changes. They’ve just added more grind. Now you likely need 2x the thralls and a ton of mats just to make the same stuff you could before. Oh, and your base will need to be bigger because you probably need at least two of the stations to make all the stuff you could before (and the stations are bigger too). And for all that, they added absolutely nothing in terms of content or gameplay.

Or maybe you don’t want to do any of that and just keep what you have? Well, your thralls are automatically less effective(for instance blacksmith3 no longer makes steel reinforcements with one bar) and your flawless items can no longer be repaired. Plus, you still need to make all the new benches just to make the exact same stuff you could before. And ya, you’ll probably want thralls on those benches…

Yeah - those changes seems excessively stupid to me as well, as a single player…eh, player.

I just tried it a bit again, after waiting for the live services to get back online, because, you know, I can’t be trusted to play my single player game with the live services down, and its a bit of a mess now, with all the different stations.

I’m new to the whole survival/crafting thing, but have started dabbling with this a bit since it showed up on Game Pass, and am intrigued. So what should I know? Anyone still playing, and if so, where? I’ve just been in single-player so far, but I guess if I want to try multiplayer I’d be starting over, so it’s best to do it now rather than putting more time in single-player.

I am going to set up a Docker Conan server on my personal server so I don’t have to pay any rentals or anything. This will be on a fiber connection so can support multiple concurrent users without an issue as well. I would like to know what type of server, settings and or any mods if anyone is interested in playing in our private sandbox. I am personally thinking of making it PvE only to make it possible for anyone playing to focus on building without having to worry about losing work. I also want to update the timers to make it easier to play with a smaller group.