Conan Exiles - Funcom, open-world survival


I was just able to join again through steam, no trick needed. Not sure what the problem is. I’ll try to find server build number but not sure how.


Find it in the ingame browser, does it show invalid? Drop to your main menu and note your version in the lower right corner.


I’m running same version as you and am in game playing, will check browser in a sec


mine shows invalid on the in-game browser. I can still join it though. That just means the server is a patch behind I think. edit: can’t join from ingame browser, but I can still join from steam just fine.


23673/9960 here, still not successfully connecting (can only even attempt to connect via Steam).


I’ve disconnected, shutdown and reconnected to make sure it wasn’t a fluke. still working for me using the steam server browser


Where is the server hosted?


not my server, no idea


@Wendelius I think it’s ColoCrossing, possibly Chicago.


It is GTXGaming and hosted in Dallas. I tried to find central location for it. The server is on the most current build, as well. I am not really sure what the invalid flag means for servers.

I can try to disable the password for a bit later if people want to try it and see if it works that way. Also, I have 30 slots available on the server, so if we don’t get a large population, it might be beneficial to either open it up, or find another community to join to make it more lively.


Now that the doors are fixed, It might be interesting to open it up a bit and see what happens. If the ass-hatery gets horrid, we can always change it back?


Sure, I can remove the password first and just see what happens and then list it on top Conan server sites. If there is enough consensus can make that change.


Oh, and they added a player list to the admin screen. So can kick players and such now. Could give a couple people the admin password that are on more if we need it as well to manage the population.


There is now a conan_exiles channel on Discord. And a voice channel as well on Discord.


how do I access that voice channel?

my vote would be to hold off on opening the server until the first few known exploits are gone. You can still bypass all walls by logging in next to them and running inside. Would be easy for someone to destroy and steal a bunch of our stuff that way.


Not if we build above ground for the most part, maybe? And yeah what is the Discord info? Can you PM us with that?


the only way to prevent this exploit is to have the entirety of our stuff on a plateau only reachable by stairs, and to remove the stairs when we aren’t there. Hoping they patch it soon.


There’s an AMA going on with FunCom about Conan right now -


I imagine this is where Pam Poovey would chime in with a “sploosh”.


Hahaha, yes.

I’m glad they aren’t going for straight up ARK or Rust