Conan Exiles - Funcom, open-world survival


Oh, I also saw in the AMA that Funcom cut ties with PingPerfect. Youch, they must not be happy with the server issues and problems people had even renting a server.


I saw that, that’s gotta suck for those guys.


Here is the thread about the Discord server, I believe there is an invite link in there as well. I created a voice chat channel there. Just join it and turn on voice chat and you can talk with anyone else in the channel.


Thanks! Got it.


Tried connecting again, seeing a weird thing. When I removed the server from Steam and re-added it (with the custom port provided to me) the Steam server browser shows that the server as running on 7777. So I’m guessing that might have changed? Or it’s forcing the default port? Additionally, when I search for servers by that IP there is another non-private server running on the same IP over port 7977. I joined that game and one very polite dude was on who had no idea what Qt3 was.

Tried installing/enabling Battleeye, no change. There was also discussion in the Discord voice chat about two versions of the password working (with one character in it changed). Neither work for me whether I type them in or copy/paste.


Okay, I am going to try to get this resolved. This will mean bouncing the server so going to login and let anyone know.


I’m intrigued by this one - how is the fun factor? Really grabbing you or just going through the motions?


Server is patched and up, no password.


Success! Will be on again later tonight.


Not sure how I feel about the idea of invading an NPC village with @Fozzle & @kono1134, knocking out an NPC “Dancer” with a truncheon, hogtying him, and literally dragging his ass back across the map to our base where we tied him to a large stone wheel as part of some sort of weird enthrallment process, but it was kinda fun.


Encountered a bug with the Dancer thrall. After he finished his, er, shift, we pulled him from, er, rotation and were able to place him nearby, where he began to do his thing and dance away. Merely being near one clears some sort of corruption debuff. To move the thrall, you literally walk up to them and hit E to pick him or her up. Really weird. Anyway, apparently there is a known bug with Dancers, and it’s not a good idea to put them down more than once, or something, and this one abruptly turned into a “bad entry” and now we’re going to have to head back down the river to claim another one.


PVP castration?

The fixation on male genitalia in this game just baffles me.


It was the same in Rust. I think it is just a bullet point feature for survival games at this point.


Which leaves women gamers… where exactly?


Apparently this…?

Finally, returning to the matter of the now-notorious size-adjustable dicks, Funcom was asked whose idea it was to include an endowment slider in the first place.

“We discussed nudity early on and decided that for the lore and setting, nudity was something we wanted to go with,” Funcom responded. “The slider was a natural evolution of that, especially seeing we had a similar slider for breasts. Equality and all that.”


I don’t get why so many people have trouble with the penis slider, but dragging thralls behind you after clubbing them like baby seals and putting them on the wheel of pain? Oh that’s fine =)


Same please it leaves male gamers? Looking at a bunch of very well endowed muscular guys that are fully physics enabled?


It all feels pretty juvenile tbh. Which I suppose given the source material maybe appropriate , I dont think I am the target audience.


What? how do you figure. I don’t see any mention of female castration. How is that the same? I realize you want to pretend like this game is catering to the women gamers who also play survival games, but clearly it’s not. And a breast slider and a dong slider are not the same… you’d have to have a vagina slider to be any sort of equivalent, assuming you weren’t just catering to men to begin with.


I don’t recall making any comments on how Conan Exiles catered to anyone. I just said it (a fixation on male genitalia) also seemed to be the case in Rust, in my humble opinion.

From the look of things. i think they should spend time on fixing the game before they add essential features like a vagina slider and female castration in pvp.