Conclave - Online Tabletop Experience

I don’t post much here, but I am loving this game so much already that I feel like it would be bad not to pimp it just a bit wherever I can!

Conclave is kind of a basic async/synchronous online tabletop experience for a party of up to 4 people.

I’ve been playing it all weekend and it pretty much boils down to this:

[li]Join a party of up to 4 members
[/li][li]Choose a race / class
[/li][li]Select a party leader
[/li][li]Choose a quest (party votes, with leader being tie-breaker)
[/li][li]Follow a well written story
[/li][li]Hit an encounter and fight
[/li][li]Fights are TBS style with 2 movement phases (minor, then major)
[/li][li]Different classes / different skills, yada yada
[/li][li]Rinse and repeat

Main benefit of this is that it works on any HTML5 enabled browser (yes, even my Windows Phone allows me to keep up with my party while at the park).

If everyone is online at the same time, the turns go by pretty quickly, but if you are offline, you get updated with emails and whenever you sign in, you get a full log of the progress up to the point.

Pretty fun so far as I find myself sneaking away to check on my turns and put a couple of more in when needed. It even has a chat window so you can discuss tactics.

Worth a look as the beta is free right now:

They also have the obligatory Kickstarter:

Their website seems to gloss over this, but is it possible for DMs/Players to create/adapt their own quests?

No, but they seem to be very open to suggestions.

It would actually be a great feature as the story telling, monster setup, etc all seem to be itching for fan made content.

It looks as though their current income strategy strictly involves selling additional quests. Based on that, I’m guessing they won’t be willing to furnish that sort of power to the player base. Now, if they were to sell the toolkit…

I wouldn’t mind them simply taking inspiration from the way NWN handled things.

Pretty cool from the little I’ve played of it. Not sure if the asynchronous play style would work well for me and I don’t know if I could get enough people together to do the larger quests. But we’ll see, I suppose.

My one worry so far of the 4-5 quests I’ve played with friends is that I’ve only once encountered a situation where I had to fear for my life (but a nice heal from a teammate solved that).

I worry that A) the difficulty may not be there and B) the quest variety will not be there.

Edit: Scratch that…in the midst of a very difficult fight right now that is made all the better with teamwork!

Is this playable on an HTML5- capable phone browser (like Android Chrome)? I’m wondering how it’d play on my Rarr Maxx with my friend.

I’ve heard issue with a friend using Opera on his Android, but Chrome should work? Depends on its HTML5 ability. IE on my WP7 is no desktop replacement, but it works.