Condemned 2: The Pants Soiler

So, like, it comes out tomorrow but there’s no thread (that I can find). Am I the only one looking forward to it? I soiled myself at least three times during my playthrough of the original, which, hmm, in retrospect I suppose could be considered a negative…


I just recently played through the original, and enjoyed it a lot. So yes, I’m looking forward to the sequel. But didn’t I hear that the game got delayed? Or is that only in Europe?

I’m pretty easy to scare - I can’t play any AvP game with facehuggers for instance - but Condemned’s magic wore off after the first level, and I just played it like a straight shooter. If every time you turn a corner, a couple of nasties come after you, eh…

I gave up at the department store. It was just too creepy.

I’m the opposite, I don’t scare at all. But I still had fun with Condemned. I only bought the game because there were so few games to choose from at the time. Looking forward to 2, I heard they added MP.

I thought Condemned 2 was pretty disappointing. Thumbs down from me. It just served to remind me how much I miss the Monolith that made everything up to and including TRON. Those guys used to be beautiful. :(


It is tragic that for years Monolith was making games that were critical successes, but not commercial successes, and then they finally see success with two of their weakest games to date: FEAR and Condemned. And so now we will see sequels to those two games instead of something new from Monolith.

However, even though I didn’t like them when compared to other Monolith games, I still enjoyed both F.E.A.R. and Condemned a lot.

Tom what was your thoughts on the first game? Just wondering as I loved the first one… Would you say its more of the same or a worse game?

Actually, if you liked the first one, you’ll probably like this one even more. It has a bit less of a tech demo feel and plays more like a fully fleshed out game. It’s just that even as a fully fleshed out game, it didn’t work for me.

I can post more after the game comes out, since I suspect there’s an embargo on discussing review copies. Which I’ve just done, so, um, oops.


Good sign! But since I quite enjoyed the first one and you didn’t, it’s likely that our opionions differ on what would make the Condemned experinece “funner.”

It’s still early, but so far, most reviewers/outlets seem to like it a lot, with you and Edge being the outliers.

By this time tomorrow, I expect my pants to be soiled. (And then I’ll try Condemned 2.)


Ah, so it looks like some print reviews are already out. Still, I’ll hold off talking specifics until the game is available, since I’m not sure what the embargo date is supposed to be.

BTW, don’t hedge your bets on those 8s, Vederman. An 8 on the 7-9 scale is only a 5 on the 1-10 scale!


I liked the first one quite a bit. It fell apart with the completely odd mumbo-jumbo at the end of the game, and the forensic analysis parts were completely half-baked and unfinished but I thought it had a lot of potential. I would like to try this but I am not sure it’s worth a buy if its the typical 6 or 7 hours long.

Setting aside the wacky plot (elaborately-animated, stick-fighting end boss, anyone?), I found the original Condemned to be consistently creepy, but tedious. It would have been hugely improved by a combat system that was deeper than run’n’bash. Something closer to Riddick and less like Kingpin would be nice for the sequel.

Ok, this is pretty decent. I never bought the first one (rented and liked though, never got far) but this is great in exactly the same circumstances:

1.) dark room

2.) surround sound

3.) Replace music with every single goblin song (sooo good. I might have to dig up some other italian horror soundtracks, especially nightmare city since this game basically plays better if you just decide it IS nightmare city)

I couldn’t resist circuit city’s bogo deal (condemned 1 AND 2 for $60) and I’m fairly happy. Definitely a ‘small doses’ game though.

Hey does this engine ever get licensed anymore? it is pretty nice, I’m surprised it seems to go unused these days. It is lithtech 2 or some shit right?

I will totally agree with the “sad for the old Monolith” thing. There was once a Monolith that used to make games that were colorful and full of personality, who apparently got tired of their somewhat groundbreaking, ahead-of-their-time, beautiful games not selling well while other people shit out another corridor shooter or capture the flag game with bald space marines and raked in the dough. And I’m super disappointed that they seemed to have gone away and decided it’s better to make FEAR and Condemned and…uh… FEAR 2 and Condemned 2. Which have their good points, to be sure, but are drained of all vibrancy and humor and personality.

The shameful thing is that a NOLF game would probably do fabulous in today’s market, with the proper marketing support. Stealth action spy games are all the rage. And the core gaming market seemed to have gotten over their fear of buying something “charming.”

Having said all that, I actually liked the first Condemned. I didn’t understand the plot worth a damn, and I thought the locations were unimaginative, but the super brutal first-person combat even one-upped Riddick in cringe factor. And I don’t scare at all usually, but when that thing with the guy in the locker happened I fucking jumped out of my skin. And the department store had creepy atmosphere and audio right up there with some of the better Thief/2 or System Shock 2 levels.

So I’m kinda looking forward to Condemned 2. I’m especially glad they’re beefing up the forensics part because that was some of my favorite stuff in the first one, even though it was WAY under-developed.

I don’t know, I feel Condemned is one of their stronger works. N.O.L.F. 1-2 were both great and I’d love a NOLF 3, but would you really say that Contract JACK or Blood 2 were better gamers? Really I’d like to see them go back to Shogo and NOLF and keep Condemned around but drop FEAR or whatever they call it these days. Especially now that they don’t have the name license.

Current gen free roaming fully destructible environment Shogo would be sweet. They could go super fancy cell shaded and actually nail the anime look this time. That’d be pretty unique, not many anime based FPS titles, even if it is fakeanime.

Count me as one of those people who initially loved Condemned… but then felt it was less of a game and more of a tech demo.

And don’t even get me started on the nonsensical story…

However, if Condemned 2 fixes these issues, I’m so there.

I honestly don’t remember a whole lot of the first one way back except that I really didn’t like it very much. I could not get over how much I felt like I was playing a mannequin in a mannequin world. The skin on people were shiny and plastic looking quite distracting. The voice acting and story from what I recall was lacking (kinda stiff to keep the mannequin theme). I played it to completion at the time because frankly there was dick all to play at 360 launch. It’s unfortunate this new one isn’t fairing well in feedback so far.

Pretyt sure there ‘story’ is still just a bunch of random junk, but the combat feels even better and it looks a wee bit nicer, so I’m happy with it. MP is tacked on trash of course…