This has to be one of the creepiest games I’ve ever played. On top of that, it’s very, VERY nice looking as well. I wish it was getting more coverage.


It would probably get more coverage if more people could play it :-)

Couldn’t agree more. How far in are you? Have you gotten to the “abandoned” department store? Holy horse shit, I couldn’t play through that section at night, even with the lights on. I had to wait for the sun to come up and dry out my panties.

The game was almost too scary for me in places…and I LIKE horror.


Hey Gary, remember that part in the game when…oooooh right. Sorry. :wink:

The part where you wished you were playing with a mouse and keyboard? Yeah, that part is great.

Very true. But remember that time in PGR3 when you unlocked that…ooooooh.

This is the only 360 game that I really wanted to play. I heard it was coming to the pc at sometime, any info on that?

I’m amazed that this game didn’t get more push from Sega. I finished it yesterday and it was really a pleasant surprise. I wasn’t expecting much, so perhaps that had something to do with it, but the game has great atmosphere and an interesting story. Best of all, it doesn’t resort to cheap tactics like having monster closets that repopulate when your back is turned, or having a bad guy on the other side of every door you opened waiting to scream ‘boo’ as the orchestra all hits the same note at once.

It really is well done, and while I never got good at the combat, I actually enjoyed it more than the first-person melee in The Chronicles of Riddick. On nitpick though: in 5.1 your footfalls often come from the rear speakers, which contantly had me turning around wonder whether that was just me or if something was creeping up behind. That could’ve been intentional I suppose, but it was a tad annoying. Otherwise, Condemned is a surprisingly good game.

I’m just now on the department store part and it’s creepy as hell. When I got home with my 360 in the wee morning hours of the 22nd, my friend Liz(who rents the third floor of our house) and I messed around with it for a while before she went to bed. My wife was already asleep so it was only me up at like 3:30. First of all, I have a very old house that’s pretty creepy anyway. It’s got all these murals painted on the walls from one of the former owners (a German master artist who moved here after his house was destroyed in WWII), very high ceilings that kind of echo and it makes creepy sounds. So, I pop this game in and start playing. It was bad enough when you get to the murder scene, but when your backup leaves you alone and you see something run by out of the corner of your eye. Well, that was enough for me for that night.

Was playing last night as well while my wife was playing WoW on my laptop. She’s kind of half watching me play and I say “oh, this is the part from the trailer, where the guy jumps up and grabs onto the half-wall above the stairs” and she says “ok”. Well, I’m playing and I walk over there, the guy jumps up and my wife screams bloody fucking murder. I think I had a low level heart attack. Needless to say, my wife or our boarder really want to play because they start having panic attacks… GIRLS, SHEESH.

Of course I was a little leery of taking the garbage out last night since the light is out in the alley beside our house and it’s narrow and rather condemned-esque.

I asked that at several sites and someone told me that the pc version in near done but it might be up in the air as to who will publish it in the US.

my friend Liz(who rents the third floor of our house) and I messed around for a while before she went to bed. My wife was already asleep so

Are you French? They have a word for that in French.

I meant to say WITH IT


Damn I was waiting for a hot story. :(

Anyways about how long is this game? I thought I read it was about 10 hours ish is that about right?

You did say “With It”. I cleverly deleted that part.

It’s all in the editing.

Anyways, if I was going to buy a 360, er, if I could buy a 360, and I still wanted to, it would be for this game. Looks creepy and fun, and the preview videos made it look like melee combat was actually intuitive and fun.

Condemned is an awesome game but I couldn’t shake the feeling that it was oh-so-close to being a lot better. I played the game on a big TV with 5.1 sound in the middle of the night and it never scared me, just because the bad guys ran out of new moves about three hours in. I don’t know…part of the reason I rarely find games scary is because they let me fight a lot better than I can in real life. Call of Cthulhu is probably the scariest game of the year for me since it’s got parts where you actually have to run for your life (good parts).

If you like Condemned, play Call of Cthulhu. And vice versa. Both games deserve a ton of credit.

I keep coming back to Condemned, even though it doesn’t have any obvious replay value apart from the achievements system. The feel of the combat is just fantastic. With a slightly more complex combat system and more variety of scenery and enemies, and a better plot, Condemned could have been one of the best games of the year. It’s still one of my personal favorites, though, so that’s good enough for me.

wasn’t sega supposed to publish both versions? I thought I read that I think in CGW a few months ago, or it may have been Pcgamer.

I beat Condemned a few days ago as well. I had the same issue with my 5.1 sound as Jim, but I cleared it up by fiddling with my surround system settings and the sounds started coming from the right speakers. So depending on your system you might just have to take the surround off of “Auto” and put it on one of the various other settings.

I liked the first 4 hours of the combat, things like the drug addicts screaming “Fuck you” as they beat you with a condiut and using your shotgun as a club are good times until you do the same thing over and over. I actually played this game the first night I got the 360 and was tired as hell. This is when this game really shines when you are tired, your reflexes are off and everything is dark.

I disliked how short the game is. I probably put only about 25 hours into playing Condemned. No replayability as far as I can see so if you are using the standard of gaming for Condemned instead of the “limited because there are not very many 360’s” it’s probably not a good purchase at 55 bucks.

25hrs is short? How’d you get that much w/o replaying it? I thought it was 6-8hrs or so.

That’s total. The first time through I probably took 12 hours or something to play it. This was with alot of dicking around and looking a scenery, imagining clues where there arn’t any and getting shot or beatdown by putting myself into bad situations.

However, the game is still fun after you’ve played through it to look at some of the stuff you missed.

Ah, that doesn’t sound too bad. I prefer most games to be 10-15hrs anyway. Although asking $60 is really stretching it, unless perhaps it’s called Resident Evil 5 or God of War 2.

yeah that’s another thing that 's bothering me. The $60 price tag. From looking at the 360 launch I don’t really see any games worth $60. Now here’s the question, when games like Oblivion and hopefully Condemmed are released for the pc will a game like Oblivion be 50 and Condemmed 30 ?