Conflict of Heroes: Awakening the Bear - PC version

And its coming in March!!.Announced

This is fantastic news, the boardgame is excellent and having it on a PC will reduce my setup/lack of friends problem. :)


That can’t be a real title.

Of course it can. Lots of gay porn includes…

Oh, it’s a boardgame? No idea then.

It doesn’t seem to say so in the description on that page, but the press release I got specifically said they would have a 2D view. I think that’s the screenshot on the left on the page you linked. Anyway, great news. I hope it really is a faithful adaptation of the boardgame. Now it just needs to be ported to the iPad.

I’m excited about it, but the thing that bothers me is it uses a persistent AP activation system, so you can activate a unit and come back to it, activate it again, etc, without spending the unit. That’s a pretty fundamental change to the rules, and I’m not sure I would like it since it reduces some decision making.

/look up the images.

So… where is the bear?

Russia is the bear.

The boardgame this is based on is greatness, so I have high expectations. I’m actually quite surprised there isn’t a stronger “definitive” tactical WW2 turn-based combat game.

Steel Panthers (even with the remake) is super ancient and unpolished, and the HPS Squad Battles games are even moreso. I love them both but I think this sub-genre is wide open for a new serious competitor.

Totally agree. I still play Steel panthers to this day because of its ability to generate a random campaign based on a force size I define.

Are you talking about the changes for Storms of Steel, or some completely new system?

You mean apart from Combat Mission: Barbarossa to Berlin?

This is a change from the current Storm of Steel rules.

I love CM:BB but it isn’t truly “turn based” in the way I think of it. It’s more like continuous time with enforced pauses. There are a bunch of games I’d consider good WW2 tactical combat games, including CM:BB and Close Combat. But none of them quite scratch the same itch…

Why the heck isn’t there a PC version of Advanced Squad Leader, is what I’m really saying. :)

As soon as I find Matrix is involved, my interest falters. The $40 price tag is low enough to have me interested if there is enough stuff put in.

Have you checked the upcoming Team Assault game?

Wow. This looks like a turn based CoH, a long time dream of mine. The only thing I miss in the list of features is any reference to a campaign system.

there is even a fan made port for the ipad!