Congrats Brad!

From the font page:

Most of Stardock’s people will be hanging out here all day to help people since initial orders aren’t the 2.5X of GalCiv I we had expected but more like 10X GalCiv I (thankfully, most of the game is mirrored across the world, we’ve had reports of download speeds on the multimedia of >1 Mebabyte per second).

Way to go Brad and the galciv2 team.

Now get your asses out of bed and unlock the game!

Whoa! I don’t know what those initial GC1 orders are that they’re comparing to but regardless, sounds great. Perhaps the first million-selling GalCiv?


I blame your awesomely detailed game example write-ups for my purchase (gave in yesterday). Nicely done.

Great job, Brad, I hope you guys clean up with it. I’m looking forward to the moment of truth later on today.

Congrats, Bradley! I pre-ordered months ago, and worry that if the box arrives today it will get into a fight with the two copies of the EQII expansion that will also be laying on the mat. :(

Aw man… I don’t have room for another game on my plate atm. :-/

I need to ditch that WoW thing.

Congrats Brad & team! It’s been a pleasure working with you guys for the past 5 months. The passion you have for your products makes me remember why I like the dev side of things so much.


Now I just gotta find (actually make) time to play… after I get it, of course.

PS: I know it’s been posted all over a million times, but when is it due in stores again?

Should start appearing in stores today :)

Very much looking forward to this… I ordered the download version before I realized I was going to have trouble downloading it, but I think worst case I can use the “archive” function to transfer it from a work machine…

What is the status of multiplayer in the release? Browsing Blues about the game led to two opposing blurbs. GameZone preview says there will be online multiplayer “of course”, where PC Gameworld says no multiplayer, but the framework is in place for future development. Which is it?

The latter. No MP in the release, though it’s been mentioned that if the demand is there, MP may be added in a future update/expansion.

After reading the forum sticky note about multiplayer, it appears the latter. Definitely no multiplayer now, but the game’s designed with the framework in mind. So possibly later, IF demand.

Edit: 1 minute late!

Have to wait for release here in germany… :(

I hope ill get an original version (english) somewhere but if not a german version will do.

btw congrats to the good beginning of sales.

Stardock has an “updated” date of 2/21 on GG2, but I can’t get the update. And now I have to go to work. Life is so damn hard.

Downloading a galciv2 update now… Hopefully it includes the exe.

Yay, it does! :)

Congrats guys! Can’t wait to rip into it!

I’m trying to decide wether to buy direct from the developer or at a brick and mortar store. Buying direct gives the developer more money, but buying it at a store is a “vote” to give the game continued shelf space.

I hope the success of Stardock and GalCiv open the doors to a broader trend in indy-style development. Brad and his company seem to understand gamers. The very mention of MoM2 has me excited. I’d love to see PC gaming move back to a time where games were made with loving attention to detail rather than an attempt to appeal to as many people as possible. Ironically, I think the latter actually turns off most gamers and causes a general decline of sales (in the long run).

First bug! When picking starting abilites, the trade routes advantage is presented in percent instead of an absolute number!