Congress takes on piracy

5 years in the federal pen for swapping a single MP3 file? Give me a fuckin’ break. Internet piracy is looking like it’s being turned into another bugaboo for self-righteous politicians, just like the war on drugs.

I am taken aback that it’s a felony!

Time to write our senators.

Wow shocking this is backed by Democrats. I always thought they were the bestest politicians in the world.


Well this is obviously a gateway crime that leads to murder!!! Also it somehow helps terrorism (I guess that senator didn’t get the memo when you steal, you don’t pay anyone anything) and leads children to pornography.

I am pretty sure, this makes trading MP3s the most vile thing ever.


Dems are a natural choice to stump for the entertainment industry.

What we’ve got here is politicians that are given lots of money by the entertainment industry. Howard Berman is the Congressman from Hollywood, and as such, is basically in the pocket of the MPAA and RIAA.

This bill won’t fly. He’s tried to pull a bunch of stunts like this in the past, and they never get far, because they’re all stupid.