Congresswoman Bachman calls for a return to McCarthyism

Tweety was having none of it. But she seriously suggests that the media has an obligation to to investigate Obama and other democrats in office for being un-American. Good lord.


That phone call was even more horrifying.

The fact that she’s in Congress tells you what’s wrong. Good God.

Matthews gave her every opportunity to not sound crazy and stupid and she rejected each one.

I saw this also.

It’s a bit on the very scary side.

The phone call was just unsettling.

Wow. Of all the scary shit I’ve seen in the past couple months, this has to be the scariest.

Scarier even than this:

That’s kinda(kinda, phht, very) scary too.

I saw this too. I was actually yelling at my TV. That woman really pissed me off.

Wow. I think the worst thing a Canadian can be unpatriotic of is being accused of not following hockey.

(Note: I don’t care for hockey or any other sport…)

This does seem to have put a fire under some butts and the guy running against her for her seat has gotten over $30,000 in donations since that interview. So maybe we can send her back where she came from.

She won by a fairly slim margin last time and the state seems to be tilting Democratic this year, so this may be enough to knock her off.

Weird fact: she actively supported Carter back in 1976.

Scratch that, he’s now up over $60,000 raised since she gave that interview. Netroots in action, I guess. His page was just at $2,500 until Bachman went McCarthy on Hardball this afternoon.

I guess that was before she was replaced by one of Dr. Stepford’s robots.

It is amazing that she is some sort of spokesperson for the house republicans. Every time she says anything, from this to the “this country doesn’t need saving since Jesus already saved us” (paraphrase from memory) it is simply mind boggling. Isn’t there anyone left in the GOP smart enough to muzzle her? It’s like the republican playbook now is basically “Get a MILF to say crazy ass shit and people will buy it”.

I’m sorta surprised Mathews didn’t specifically mention McCarthy. Someone needs to ask that woman if she thinks the house should set up an unamerican activities committee.

I’d be willing to be she’d be totally into the idea and have no idea what it might be a reference to.

This woman needs to go.

He brought up McCarthy later on in the show. He was basically just letting her hang herself with her own rope and not getting in her way.

It would have been awesome if he had asked “Don’t you think you bear responsibility for finding these guys? You should form a committee. That investigates un-American activities…”

She probably would have turned out to be as ignorant as she is crazed.

But who will protect the freedom of our light bulbs?

Hehe, quote from the lightbulb article:

“This is an issue of science over fads and fashions,” Bachmann said in an interview Tuesday.

I love the assumption that fashion should always win over science!

Elwyn Tinklenberg has now raised over $150,000 on Act Blue since Bachmann’s interview yesterday. In addition, apparently his website and phone lines have been slammed with people making donations to oust her.

So she is a member of the Phoebus Cartel too? What’s next?