Congresswoman Bachman calls for a return to McCarthyism

So would you say that El Tinklenberg is going to feel the beat of the stampede from the right? Will he dance until the morning light?

I would counter that you should look out on the street now. The party’s just beginning, the music’s playing, and a celebration may well be starting.

And here’s one from Michelle Bachmann Greatest Hits file that surfaced today:

Not all cultures are equal.

Bachmann tapes apology ad

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) has taped an advertisement apologizing for her televised comments calling Barack Obama anti-American, according to a Republican source familiar with her campaign’s decision.

Bachmann campaign spokeswoman Michelle Marston said the campaign will be airing a new advertisement this afternoon, but declined to comment specifically on whether Bachmann would be apologizing in the spot.

“You’ll just have to wait and see,” Marston said.

In her ad, she doesn’t actually apologize.

“Once again, our nation is at a crossroads and it’s a time for choosing. We could embrace government as the answer to our problems or we can choose freedom and liberty. I may not always get my words right but I know that my heart is right because my heart is for you, for your children and for the blessings of liberty to remain for our great country.”

Yeah, I’m baffled as to why the headlines keep referring to this as an apology. There’s no apology here, not even a half-assed ‘I’m sorry if you chose to be offended’ type of apology. She’s not just unrepentant, she’s actually repeating her claim that if you vote for the Democrats, you are voting against freedom and liberty. If that’s not calling the Democrats un-American, what is?

As a side note, one of the mistakes she makes here is a common American one, which is that she associates the French suburbs with wealth, while the suburbs of Paris, in general, poorer than the city.

I think her implication was that those socialist Frenchies redistribute their wealth such that the proletariat exist in a work-free nirvana, fueled by cable television and Al-Jazeera.

Yeah, you can’t expect someone as dumb as her to actually take the time to understand that.

She’s also completely making up what Al Jazeera was saying, but I have yet to see an American politician characterize Al Jazeera accurately. They’re a biased regular news organization (about on the level with Fox), not an arm of Al Qaeda.

She also fails to acknowledge (at least in the quote) that she is paid by this very government that is apparently so evil. Clearly it’s good for her, why isn’t it good for everyone else? Oh, I forgot, the meek will inherit the earth and all that.

What’s wrong with saying that not all cultures are equal? I don’t have a problem with that claim. In fact, I’m sick of the PC idea that a culture is valid by default, simply because it is a culture. She’s not a relativist. So what? Now, the particular culture she is attacking may be a problem, but the general quote that not all cultures are equal? I think she’s right.

What a bitch.

No Anders/Athryn/others, I will not apologize.

From a speech Bachman gave the same night as Obama’s at the Democratic convention. It is FULL of win. I have not made a word of the below up. At all. See for yourself!

Our news is streaming live from Internet blogs and 24-hour cable TV. Politicians speak in sound bites, and the public has become so jaded that what was once relegated to the gossip pages has become breaking headlines. Paris Hilton loses her dog. Bill Clinton pouts. Is there anything new here?

Global warmism [sic] is not a scientific consensus; it is a belief system. And though it would dramatically impact ‘every corner of the U.S. economy,’ it was approached by the Democrat leadership as if it had been indisputably arrived at by a mathematical formula.

“Let’s take over the economy,” says Barack Obama! Are we so bored, so apathetic we can’t rise up and say “Throw the bums out!” The current Democrat leadership in Congress is serving the radical green religion.

I went to ANWR and the caribou I saw weren’t looking picturesquely from Area 10-02 of ANWR. They were huddled around the Trans-Alaska Pipeline at Prudoe Bay, looking for a date!

I wonder if Obama’s ultimate vision for Americans getting to work is driving a Fred Flintstone-like car, with some fancy footwork. Maybe that’s how he wants to solve the obesity problem. But, the true American vision is more like a George Jetson-like existence.

We’re not Kings, and we’re certainly not good looking celebrities. Nor should we lay a laurel wreath on the head of an anointed god who can save us from the responsibility of paying for our own healthcare and retirement.

George Jetson, the green Messiah, is looking to lay a laurel wreath on the head of a lonely moose waiting by the Trans-Alaska Pipeline for Paris Hilton and her mathematical belief system!!!

Wait, fucking WHAT???

I have to agree with Robert Sharp. In my part of the world, saying that all cultures are equally valid leads to Western-style democracy is not right for Asia.

I guess you would say that a McCarthyist culture is equal to ours? That kind of relativism is a tool for people advancing inferior social models. Why do you hate freedom, mchankwilliams?

Well, clearly I’m a socialist Muslim terrorist. I thought that was obvious.

Anyone who thinks that all cultures are equally valid should go spend a few years in North Korea.

Chinese culture > everyone else’s cultures

The Chinese culture has been around and survived the past 5000+ years.

Did you just typo “Jewish” as “Chinese”?