Connect iPod Touch, Windows detects a digital camera?

Bizarre. Yesterday and today, when I stick the iPod Touch’s cable in the USB port, I get a windows dialog box that asks me what to do now that a digital camera has been connected. WTF?

That’s always happened with my iPhone. What’s the problem? iTunes still works.

That’s normal. Go to autplay options and select the iPod Touch/iPhone and choose ‘don’t do anything.’

The weird part is-- the iPod Touch has no camera, and it only started doing it yesterday, although I’ve owned the thing since November.

Thanks for the advice-- is that in the control panel or what (Win XP Pro)?

Thanks rei. The other weird thing that’s happening is that I’m getting the “USB device connected” sound twice when I hook up the iPod Touch. At least though I’m not getting the digital camera popup, though. Don’t know why iTunes suddenly thinks that this device has a digicam. Must be a “feature” introduced with the latest iPod software update, along with a memory leak that makes me have to reboot the thing every couple of days (Safari just stops responding).

iTunes doesn’t think the Touch is a camera, Windows does. Basically that’s how the Touch presents itself to Windows - it’s probably a side-effect of running the same OS as the iPhone which, of course, does double as a camera. Also, if you’ve captured any screenshots or saved images from email/internet on your iPod Touch, that’s how you get them off.

Did you just synch some pictures to your ipod touch? I think mine did that too, once I put some pictures on it.

No, that’s the weird part. It just started doing this and I hadn’t done anything different. Turns out that the picture it wanted to sync was the iPod’s desktop pic.

Bingo. iPhoto wanted to launch when I plugged my iPod touch in, so I told it to stop launching when inserting cameras. I wish this was on a per-device basis since I also have a proper camera, but Apple have not listened to any of those requests yet. They have listened to others, though, so it’s always worth a try :)