Connecting consoles to cable modems

With the Wii and the virtual console, it’s going to be the first console after the dreamcast that I’m going to connect to the internet. I have no intention of getting a router because I’m just using it for downloads. I’m planning on hooking it up in my room which is closest to the cable modem to do the downloads then move it down to my den. Someone told me the easy way to do this is to take the cord that connects from the modem to my computer, and put that in the Wii instead. Is that all I need to do, and it won’t mess up anything with computer if I leave it off while doing it?

Problem is that from the computer to where I can hook up the wii is about a seven-9 foot walk. That same person said I could just buy a type of extention cable to connect, does it matter which one, or is there a brand that’s better?

Wii is wireless, right? There’s got to be a $19.99 after rebate wireless router you can get-- and it’ll make your computer more secure. Skipping the router and shuffling your Wii around in this situation is pointless.

Agreed – just get a wireless router, then read about home networking. It’s not magic.

Someone mentioned in the wii thread about nintendo’s wifi connector. Is that any good?

Probably works just fine. Less annoying than any alternative.

In that case I have one dumb question. Once it’s installed, can I unplug it from my machine when I’m not using it without any negative effects on the computer or it? I already have the two spots filled with my printer and webcam.

“2 spots filled”?

Get a wireless router with a few ethernet jacks. Cable modem connects to wireless router. Computer connects to ethernet. Printer connects to ethernet. Webcam (is is a ethernet webcam?) connect to router.


You don’t need a router, just a plain $10 hub and another ethernet cable for the Wii.

Ok any suggestions for cable and/or hub? I saw a 14ft cable on best buy’s site for around $24

Don’t buy Ethernet cable from any Big Box store. They’re total ripoffs. Go to a mom&pop computer store, where you can get the same cable for $4.

Also, you won’t be able to find a hub, but you can find a switch. Any cheap one will do.

I don’t think the Wii even has an ethernet port. It’s wifi only. A wireless router is the simplest and cheapest solution.

It’s mentioned in another thread that the Wii will get ethernet as an expansion
via USB ports later, and is only wireless now.

And don’t buy boxed ethernet cables. Look for bulk, in simple plastic bags :)

Here’s a question: I have that little USB dongle wi-fi thing for my DS. Can the Wii access the internet through that?

Yup! All you have to do is approve the Wii connection on your PC and you’re all set. That’s how I have mine connected since my place runs only on wired net connections.

You’ll have to pay extra to get a simple ethernet connection? I’m not sure whats more retarded, that or Sony not including HD cables in their brand new uber $600 “Its not HD untill we say so” console.

It’s a tie.

… or shop online at

Pfreak, it is just a really bad idea to directly connect a PC to a cable modem.

A router on typical security settings is almost plug and play with typical games. Occasionally open ports to host games, but playing works.

The paranoid close every single port and open on demand. That’s much more of a pain, specially when it’s poorly-documented stuff like Battlefield 2’s com.