Conservatives apparently hate Clint Eastwood now

I continue to be dumbfounded by these nutcases.

As Charles already pointed out, Clint Eastwood’s Chrysler Superbowl ad seemed like a commercial for the Obama Administration. And conservatives are already punching back at Eastwood for it. Karl Rove was “offended” by the ad. (Mitt Romney, always ahead of the times, wrote his response to the ad back in 2008.) The backpedaling continues on National Review’s The Corner blog, where Christian Schneider breaks out the snark:

It makes sense that Chrysler would want Clint Eastwood to narrate  its “Halftime in America” Super Bowl ad; the stoic, gravelly 82-year-old  actor exudes old-school charm. His mere presence harkens back to a  pre-auto-bailout day when people paid for American cars by actually  purchasing them, not by filling out their 1040EZ tax forms. (Although  Eastwood represents modern America fairly well, too, as he has fathered  seven children with five different women.)

In freedom America DETROIT MUST DIE.

They hate asians too.

Newsflash, its already dead. MI gov is threatening to take it over as they’re broke among other things. Hell, do they actually make any cars in Detroit proper anymore?

[I]Les Whinen


WTF? What the fuck is offensive about that ad? I saw no political references whatsoever. Just some patriotic chest-thumping that seemed pretty well damned done.

I love how quickly they turn on our own industry post-bailout. There are still THOUSANDS of jobs there and that ad is about keeping them there, similar to the Eminem ad in 2011.

Where exactly would they rather those jobs go?

Also for what it’s worth, President Bush signed TARP which kept them afloat.

Ha ha, yep. How many of these same people have been bellowing “BUY AMERICAN” for years?


Oh man, I saw the Debbie-Spend-It video and thought that was pretty over the top. I didn’t realize there was a full scary website backing it up though!

That’s actually a pretty well done website, but shouldn’t it be xian zai hua dai bi?

Wow. That is offensive. I normally don’t let wacky asian stereotypes bother me, but that campaign really gets under my skin.

I like especially that they imply that because she’s Asian American, her true loyalty is to China (her pic is right next to the statement to the effect of: your economy get [sic] weaker, ours get [sic] very good!


Racism will be the downfall of our country.

Is she supposed to be Asian American? I assumed she was supposed to be Asian Asian. Doesn’t the video show her hanging out in the Rice Paddies in Asia?

OK, my mistake, Debbie Stabenow is an older white lady. I guess the young Asian woman pictured is supposed to be the happy young Chinese woman benefiting from all the prosperity we’re supposedly exporting by selling bonds to China.

Yeah, it’s more race-based fear-mongering than direct racism.

That whole website and ad are pretty reprehensible.

I don’t understand any of this.

Yeah, I was watching the playoffs at the home of some conservative friends and when a Chrysler ad came on the wife savagely remarked, “I would never buy a Chrysler, they’re owned by the government.” So this is apparently some conservative meme. Fuck buy American – These companies are now part of a socialist plot engineered by Obama.

According to my local right wing talk radio station the ad was all pro-obama and a giant thank you for the bail out.

I didn’t hear that but if you are paranoid you can hear anything if you are listening for it.

And it’s “half-time” for the Obama administration too.