Conservatives in Action: or how I learned to love Uber


ECJ looks set to rule Uber is indeed a transportation company.


More YayYo insanity.[quote]El-Batrawi said in one conversation that those deals were on the way. YayYo is in “contact” with Uber and it has an “agreement” with Lyft, he said.

Uber and Lyft deny this.

“We sent YayYo a cease-and-desist letter several weeks ago and have suspended their access to Lyft,” Adrian Durbin, a Lyft spokesman, told Business Insider. “I think it’s fair to say that their CEO’s characterization of our relationship is wildly inaccurate.”

Uber has no deal of any kind with YayYo, according to Kaitlin Durkosh, a spokeswoman for Uber.

Later, El-Batrawi said the company never got Lyft’s cease-and-desist order, and Bob Vanech, a YayYo board member, said it has some “clever strategies” to deal with the fact that Uber and Lyft are denying companies like YayYo access to their information. YayYo plans to partner with ride-hailing companies “three through 100,” he said.


Possibly because they have a business and you don’t.

Oh, and did I mention the president and a board member have resigned?


So closing the circle on this thread, the Texas Legislature has passed ride sharing laws that override local jurisdiction and allow Lyft and Uber back into Austin, etc

Why vote for the lesser evil? seems to be the tenor of the times.



Literally the definition of an out-dated and stupid regulation.

Republicans support it, enforce it and close any loopholes trying to get around it.

Because of course they do.


Same kind of thing you find all the time. Corrupt politicians being paid by established businesses, to prevent anyone else from moving into their markets and competing.



The Mystery of Why Uber Gave Me 77 Free Rides (or, How I Accidentally Gamed The System) (link is to David Friedman’s blog)

For about two and a half years, Uber kept sending me free ride credits. I just went through my receipts and counted 77 free rides in total, averaging one every couple weeks. Then they suddenly stopped. All that time, I never knew why I was getting them — why look a gift horse in the mouth? — but once they stopped I put on my detective hat and did a little digging. I’m pretty sure I’ve solved the mystery. Follow my story and see if you can figure it out.


The only thing worse than Uber is Uber investors., one of whom wrote this after Kalanick was finally replaced.


Definitely up in the first few dozen up against the wall.


Uber kicked out of London, subject to appeal:


Uber to regulators: Fuck you, I won’t do what you tell me! Greyball all the way baby!

Regulator: Dear Sirs, Re: Licensing decision on Uber London Limited


Some background on the licence decision.


Massive Uber breach. Which, of course, they covered up for over a year.


At least with this one it seems the data involved wasn’t particularly sensitive. But man, that cover up is a bad look for an already terrible company. It’s not exactly going to help them with staying in London.

Edit: Speaking of which


Meanwhile, in other Silicon Valley nuttiness



“He cannot say that people want trivia,” said Yusupov, the founder of the HQ Trivia app.

Late stage capitalism, indeed.



Of course Uber had a system in place to thwart search warrants.


I’m just gonna say that this all happened under Travis. Dara is now in charge, and he appears to be cleaning the company up. I know someone who was in many meetings with Dara at Expedia; he’s pretty much a stand-up guy.