Console Wars MCXVII

Let me clarify my non gay point by saying that the only console I own is an xbox, and I’m mightily disappointed by the thick veil of dust on it.

I’ll see you that Xbox and raise you one PS2. Both gathering dust. If it wasn’t for DDR, I’d have sold the PS2 out of sheer boredom.

I have all 3(4) and STILL play ps1 games, the DC, and my pc more than any of the big fancy three. I’m just not seeing much I want to play, but I’m weird and realize I’m not going to like a large amount of popular games.

After that, probably mostly xbox because it has some good sega stuff, ps2 because my girlfriend loves contra, and the GC because I need mario, samus, link, and the monkeys in the balls.

Whgat sucks for a middle of the road guy, is that I know I’ll buy everything except the retarded phantom for the next round, just to have the 1 or 2 games for each system that I actually enjoy.

I even go backwards, I’m bidding on a sega saturn right now and eyeing a refurb neogeo pocket bundle at eb.

We’ve covered this a zillion times. Wumpus is distorting Nintendo facts again, as usual. 825,000 copies of Wind Waker in a week isn’t anything to sneeze at. Considering the best selling game after LoZ: WW and the two Pokémon games for March only managed to get to 130,000 pieces, nothing did all that well in March, except Zelda and Pokémon. If that indicates a downturn in demand for Nintendo properties, I can’t even imagine what an uptick would look like.

The best selling Xbox game for March was Halo at 57,000 pieces. A launch game. That means a bunch of third party stuff that came out on Xbox in March went unwanted and unsold. That doesn’t say much for Microsoft’s ability to push third party software either. Their best selling games have been under the Microsoft roof with one exception, Splinter Cell, which they also paid for an exclusive on.

For me, this generation is about PS2 and Gamecube. One compliments the other. Just about every Xbox game I have interest in has appeared on the PC or another console or will be there eventually. If it turns out that a couple of them never go anywhere and remain on Xbox, maybe I’ll pay $99 for an Xbox if that day ever comes (which may not ever arrive given the cost to produce the machine). But I still kinda doubt it. There’s no reason to own Xbox if you have PS2 and Gamecube IMO. Consoles will always be about exclusives because you buy a console to play certain games. For me, the Gamecube is a must because of all the Nintendo stuff which simply won’t appear anywhere else. With the largest userbase, PS2 is a strong second because it also garners many exclusives. Microsoft simply hasn’t made the games I need and while they continue to try, nothing on the horizon has me all that excited either.

Finally, the third party Gamecube support thing is a moot point. No one but the publishers no one cares about has made any moves to drop support. Capcom is still there. Square is creating games for GC. Konami is apparently coming back for something exclusive. Sega is putting exclusives on the system. EA is on board. Yadda yadda… and even if they weren’t, Nintendo COULD run the console themselves and still survive. They run a tight business where profit is the most important component. As long as they keep in the black, which shows no signs of ending via Gamecube or GBA, they’ll keep making consoles and keep making some of the best games of this or any generation. Very few companies can look back across 20 years of game development and claim as many genre defining titles and pure success even in the face of massive adversity. They beat EA for total dollars in March fer chrissake. Number one game publisher in the US. I can’t believe Microsoft wouldn’t kill to have those kinds of sales for their machine. But they can’t pull that rabbit out of their hat but once a year at best so far. Nintendo does it just about every quarter.


You can’t forget that Nintendo’s last CEO managed to burn a lot of bridges. The guy did run a tight ship and had quality through the roof most of the time. but he pissed a lot of developers off.
Now Nintendo has some sort of commitee and the crap flood gates have opened a bit, the GameCube still doesn’t have the high volume of crappy games that Playstation does (you have to admit PS2 has a ton of really foul games) but it’s getting up there.
Commitee thinking is NEVER good and can only hurt Nintendo. If they don’t start focussing they may have to go back to making decks of cards.

The ‘kiddy’ reputation isn’t helping either and there’s pretty much nothing Nintendo can do to escape the moniker. If ‘Jet Set Radio’ had been a Nintendo game it would have been called ‘too kiddy looking’ instead of ‘visually impressive’.
Don’t forget that despite the ‘average’ age being relatively high, most consoles are still played by teens.

I also think that the XBox was so heralded because it came from Microsoft, so people who refused to play consoles cause they were too ‘l33t’ got down off their high weight limit horses and bought an XBox like it was a new computer upgrade. Plus it’s really big so that means it must be better.

All in all I don’t see this being resolved any time soon, pretty much all Nintendo does is make video games, and Sony sees a small market and will continue to take advantage of the lack of options. Microsoft just has too much money to quit. Everything has it’s highs and lows, you can’t take one quarter, or even one year, and use it as an indication of the future. If we did that then all puppies would be banned for their never ending growth and all encompassing hunger.

Very few companies can look back across 20 years of game development and claim as many genre defining titles and pure success even in the face of massive adversity.

Yeah, like the new version of Zelda. And the new version of Metroid Prime. And the new version of Mario. And the new version of Smash Brothers. And the new version of Pokemon. What exactly are they defining-- how to regurgitate their old properties over and over again? I’ve seen dairy farms with less milking.

Nothing I’ve seen on Gamecube to date even comes to “defining genres” like Mario 64 or Goldeneye did. That’s Nintendo’s biggest problem as I see it.

Well, there’s one:

I’m tempted to buy that thing just to look at it. Maybe set it up in front of the couch and see if I can hook it up to a universal remote. The TiVo remote is nice and all, but come on.

There was a used XBox at EB that they were selling with a free game for fifty dollars today. I just now wondered why the hell I didn’t buy it. I guess it says a lot that they practically offered me a free one and I went to look at the preowned PS2 titles.

As for the topic of this thread: I still don’t care. I’m pretty sure Garth Brooks still outsells most of the music I listen to, so count me in the “I don’t give a fuck about how many of those morons are buying a different gaming system than I am” camp. Nintendo and Sony have the games. The end.

This type of thing urks me more than most things.

HOW…I say HOW in the hell is ‘Metroid Prime’ just a retread of the old Metriod games?? How is ‘Mario Sunshine’ a tired old rehash of the NES Marios?? How is even the original Mario anything like Mario Bros.??
Just cause it has the same name does NOT mean it’s a ‘regurgitation’, that’s like comparing ‘Halloween’ to ‘Hollow Man’, I mean they’re homonyms right? So they MUST be the same thing!!!

And while I’m ranting: your new ‘gay’ name-calling fascination is starting to piss me off as well.

For multi-platform games, the Xbox version tends to have more stable framerates and better visual quality. For sports games, there’s something very satisfying about saving several franchises and replays on your hard drive. For driving games, the PS2’s lack of analog triggers is a big turnoff. For FPS games, the XBox’s analog sticks probably beat out the dual shocks. When John Q. Gamer wants to play Counter-Strike but doesn’t have a PC, the Xbox will be his only option AFAIK. And when John Q. Gamer can’t afford that new GeForceFX, the Xbox might be the only place to get his per-pixel lighted glory with Halo2 and Doom3.

Let me point out how useless it is to compare the number of games a system has on the top 100. Comparing units sold isn’t ideal either, but it’s a lot better than the other method. Nintendo sold 1,029,230 copies of Gamecube software at X price and Microsoft sold 423,056 copies of XBox software at Y price (which is probably lower than Nintendo’s average if Exhibition Demo is just a cheap demo disc). That’s a pretty big win for Nintendo this month as far as the two are concerned. Add in Gameboy software and I’d bet that Nintendo sold more units for its systems than Sony and MS combined.

If you’re going to make a statement based off the numbers, at the very least add up the sales from those 5 GCN games and 13 XBX games to begin to have something significant to base who “won” on.

The interesting trends to follow for me would be seeing if XBox Live moves games (or PS2’s online), how valuable is Pokemon as a brand and how much life can be injected into a title when bargain priced.

Every button on the PS2 is analog, including the shoulder buttons (same as xbox triggers).

They’re pretty much a joke, though. They’re incredibly bad. I much prefer analog triggers like the DC/Xbox controllers. (The Gamecube triggers feel really weird and cheap for some reason.)

The GCN controller is the PS2 controller but warped into a bizarro world where people want bad instead of good. Nintendo has to be different and cool and asymmetrical ever since the PS1 stole the SNES controller as the base of their controller.

The PS2 controller is a fantastic piece of design. A lot of buttons in a small controller with enough spacing that mis-selection is never a problem. The D-Pad needs work and the analog buttons are not, though, but the sheer number of buttons gives the PS2 a massive edge in fighting and sports games and a substantial edge in every game that has multiple actions that can be taken.

The XBox controller isn’t horrible, it’s an upgrade of the Dreamcast controller with more buttons which the Dreamcast controller desperately needed. But the base concept is just a bad idea, all that wasted space in the middle is just stupid and the 4 shoulder buttons is something that every system should have. One point in it’s favor- analog triggers make the Xbox the only choice for racing games.

As for whether the DC was next-gen
The DC might not be able to compare to the XBox or GCN(though personally I think it can, Jet Set Radio doesn’t look that much worse than Future), but it certainly was competitive WRT graphics with the PS2. And the DC certainly wasn’t competition for the PS1/Saturn/N64 generation. The DC was the first of the next-gen systems, that’s not up for debate. It just got it’s ass kicked so badly by the PS2 it wasn’t around for the 3rd and 4th systems of it’s own generation.

Sega was first out the gate(again), but they fucked that advantage up (again).

Oh, and whatever idiot was whining that I was stating my opinion as fact, do you think I’m some sort of objective controller/game library assessment committee? Of course this shit is my opinion. Game/controller/system quality is always going to be a matter of opinion, there’s no fact to be found.

Jesus, what a retard.

This may be an unpopular opinion, but I’m wondering if we could actually split the “Games” category at QtT into console and PC Gaming sections. I’d check in on the console stuff from time to time, but generally have no interest in it (and there’s probably people who feel vice-versa).

Could we split the PC forum further into a “RPG, Turn-based strat. & FPS” section, a “Battlecruiser” section, and an “Everything Else” section?

We know you hate consoles Desslock. Just ignore the damn threads!

Edit: Another thing, most of the active threads right now have nothing to do with consoles. We’ve got one thread that was started by none other than the greatest troll that has ever lived. I’ve said my piece in it and I’m sure others are pretty much done with it as well. But even so…it’s ONE thread.


Yes, quite.

Yes, quite.[/quote]

I agree, I buy most of my new console games for the Xbox it has most of what I want and it looks the best. I do buy some games for the PS2 as well mostly the things I can’t get on the Xbox. Still if I have a choice of versions I always choose the Xbox version. I am sure the Gamecube versions look good as well but the gimped controller and franchises I don’t care about keep me away from it.

– Xaroc

“There was a used XBox at EB that they were selling with a free game for fifty dollars today. I just now wondered why the hell I didn’t buy it. I guess it says a lot that they practically offered me a free one and I went to look at the preowned PS2 titles.”

That’s a pretty good deal. I saw that Gamestop was selling some refurbished Gamecubes for $79 if you also purchased a new or used GC game. We’ll get one by the end of the year at the latest and pick up a few GC titles, all Nintendo first-party titles, of course.

Not entirely. I think you’re exaggerating a bit (then again, I don’t even like Ghost Recon, so our tastes may differ radically). Like the GameCube, the Xbox has a small handful of good titles that pale in comparison to the PS2 library. There are certainly some Xbox games that I’m looking forward to (Crimson Skies, for one), but if someone asked for my recommendation for the one console that they should buy, I’d tell them to get a PS2.

Ah, the Xbox is fine. I think the angst on a few message boards is about those elusive AAA exclusives, not the general library – besides, Xbox ports are generally good.

In my highly unscientific look at 90+% exclusives on gamerankings, it was PS2 9, Cube 5, and Xbox 2. Moreover, the “other” AAA Xbox game was PDO, which I was really impressed with, but didn’t pull huge sales for whatever reason.

But I think the Xbox will get a few more later this year. If Fable is half as good as advertised, it’ll make the list.