What happened here? Gonegold and now this? Insanity!


For the backstory check the OO forums… fairly large thread in the “Everything But Gaming” section.

Console Gold will become GamingTrend. They’re still setting up the site and it will be a few days before it goes live.

There’s an announcement on the Octopus Overlords front page, and Gaming Trend already appears to be live, including the forums. They even brought along all the old posts from a backup.

Here’s a curious bit from Mike Dunn’s announcement on Gaming Trend:

The owner of the domain has apparently deemed it necessary to change our nameservers away from our host. Soon, many of you will get an error page in the place of our site. We, the management team here at CG are trying to get to the bottom of this and we will keep you posted as we can.

Let’s just say that this happening a little over a year after the demise of Gone Gold is not a coincidence. I will leave it at that.

Meanwhile the old CG site says:

There was a deal made for the purchase of this domain over two years ago, which has never been honored. The domain has stayed open an extra year, in order to give those using it, time enough to either honor their obligation, or move. Unfortunately, neither was done.

Makes you wonder about the obligations required by this mysterious deal…

Take part in an experiment where your terminal illness is to be treated by the power of prayer instead of the medical industry?

Rich LaPorte apparently posted his side of the story through somone on OO: link. It smells like cover your ass to me but make of it what you will.

It’s been an interesting couple of days.

Edit: and of course if you go to you will notice the American flag in the corner which certifies the truthfulness of his account.

Guys, it’s ugly. I recommend asking for the cliff notes version if you really want to know what happened. But If you really dare, read the original drama here, followed by the Rich LaPorte responds thread. Yes, Rich LaPorte responds.

It is actually pretty simple. Two people didn’t communicate and only they know the truth about how and why.

Now we are Gamingtrend so come and enjoy.


Take part in an experiment where your terminal illness is to be treated by the power of prayer instead of the medical industry?[/quote]

Oops! Now we’ll have to move this to P&R. :lol:

The overreaction over at OO is hillarious.

Yeah, it’s kind of a shitty thing to do, but people are comparing it to shooting puppies and whatnot. It’s quite funny to me.

So let’s see if I got this straight…

Once upon a time in the Internet, the maintainer of Console Gold promised to pay the site owner $9000 for the domain (only!) which sounds like a ridiculous amount of money to me. The name “Console Gold” was never that famous.

The maintainer, eventually realizing that he had been out of his mind and that the domain really wasn’t worth anything, carefully avoided the subject of payment in his subsequent dealings with the site owner, apparently hoping the latter would forget about it.

The site owner, himself realizing that $9000 was ridiculous but not prepared to let the maintainer off the hook, on his part carefully avoided talking to the maintainer at all, hoping that the latter would offer to renegotiate the deal.

When the owner ran out of patience he pulled the plug. The maintainer shrugged and moved the site contents to another domain. The end.

Yep, pretty concise. I would have paid about $100 for that domain name, max. Considering the users are the GG crowd, you could have changed it to and they all would have found it and bookmarked it by the end of the week.

I’ll sell for only eight thousand dollars.

So gonegold had a strong forum community? Huh. The website always seemed somewhat, well, I know this sounds elitist, but white trash low class. What with the waving cops and american flags and such. And I never could find a good listing of when games were scheduled to go gold, which is why (if I recall correctly) I went there in the first place.

The most interesting part of the entire thing, speaking as someone from the outside who never really frequented any of the sites, is that the hosting fees were a whopping fifty dollars per month. Either they were very unsuccessful or highend hosting fees dropped even more than I thought they had. My hosting costs were over $2800/month in 1999 or so, for three dual pentium-3 linux boxes with SCSI drives and a smidgen over a terabyte of bandwidth, and I did all the administration myself.

With $2800 a month, I could live like a king.

This is the best summation I’ve read.

You must live in gangbangalore.

Sorry, it just feels wrong to type it without the gang- prefix these days. I actually thought I had coined the word and had a brilliant new porn niche, but when I went to register the name, no dice. Was a real bummer.

Not to mention the spineless mods who allowed Derek Smart PhD, along with his toadies and sockpuppets, to turn the place into a mini Taco Palace.

Ya, hosting is way down these days. A dedicated box and 1mbps you can probably get for about $100, if not cheaper. I pay $25/mbps for my bandwidth, but I buy it 100mbps at a time and it’s good multi-homed stuff.

Virtual accounts are dirt cheap these days, doesn’t surprise me it only cost em $50.

Not to mention the spineless mods who allowed Derek Smart PhD, along with his toadies and sockpuppets, to turn the place into a mini Taco Palace.[/quote]

The reason I left and never came back.

The moderation on GG was always somewhat… strange. Relentless trolling and spewing random garbage was okay, but calling others out on such behavior would get you banned. :roll: