is anyone out there playing any PS2 online games ( eg - SOCOM or Madden 2003)?

anyone playing Dead To Rights?


My roommate picked up SOCOM last night but he wasn’t interested in the multiplayer so he didn’t get the adapter. Can’t really blame him, the PS2’s mine to begin with so it’d be kinda weird for him to start buying peripherals for it. What little I’ve seen so far looks ok, nothing special yet though.

Dead to Rights just went back to Blockbuster this morning, I’ve had that for the past week. Kinda hard to decide what to make of it, but I guess the best measure of the game is the fact that I only played it for about three days out of the week it was rented. It’s fun, but very difficult, and it was starting to get very repetitive. I’d gone through three different areas that took me over an hour each to get through, run, die, load game, repeat. It’s to the game’s credit that I even did those sections, lots of games I would’ve just been frustrated with, but eventually my patience did run out. I think I was only in chapter 4 out of 12 or 15 chapters and I just wasn’t looking forward to every level from there out being so difficult. Maybe someone else would like the sense of accomplishment.

Another good reason I left it alone was that I also rented Mark of Kri for PS2. Think Metal Gear Samauri (I’m sure that’s spelled wrong) with fantastic animations that give you a very disney feel until you’ve gutted someone on a spear, lifted them up in the air and let them slide down the shaft of the spear before retrieving it. I’d highly recommend this game to anyone, give it a rental.

Dead To Rights (DTR) has been officially titled “The Most Fun/Frustrating Game for the Xbox” to-date. if you stopped in Chapter 4 i can’t blame you…i played the same level in Chapter 4 (the end in the brothel with the two red and one green dressed bad girls) for at least 3 hours trying to complete it. what amazed me is that when i finally did, Chapter 5 turned out to be great and worth the trouble…but boy was i pissed at Chapter 4. i understand the “sense of accomplishment” comment - i am playing DTR as well as two of my workmates and an old college friend too. so giving up would just open myself to the Pandora’s Box of snide comments and game-related harrassment that comes from quitting. but in all seriousness, i am enjoying more parts as i get deeper. it’s a good game with some serious flaws…makes me kinda wish the Max Payne guys had put some of this game in theirs.

i don’t have a PS2, but a buddy at work does. i am very much looking forward to Xbox Live and was just trying to gauge other people’s takes on playing PS2 online. my friend at work has really had some bad things to say about SOCOM online; basically it is worse than trying to get a PC game online: disconnects, opening ports on the router, zero communication functioning due to ping-hell, etc. so though he thought the single-player was great, he is hating the online verison…all due to the “online” parts.

So DTR got better after Chap 4? I mean, not that it was /bad/, it just felt like it wasn’t going to improve much from there on out. I also spent a couple hours trying to escort what’shername out of the massage place, and when I finally got out that’s when I stopped; didn’t get around to helping her escape in the street.

this is all IMHO since i haven’t talked to the crew at work since thursday…:

we were all basically stuck in chapter 4 inside the brothel and then one guy made it out. i made it out on friday (vacation day!) and i totally think Chapter 5 kicked arse. Chapter 5 is set in a cemetary and features more close quarters combat with run & gun. i opened two more Disarms in this chapter alone. it was well worth it to me to keep playing and it certainly wasn’t frustrating, not near what Chapter 4 was.

i am in Chapter 6 now and liking it a lot too. Chapter 6 has some 1st person sniping work (you provide cover fire for that little wench Eve) as well as some mini-games. kinda neat.

i have also found that if i can’t complete a section in about 3 tries i need to: (a) take a break, (b) think about playing the level like a puzzle, and © stop trying to run & gun my way through the section.

in all, DTR started as a mid-eight out of ten for me. the frustration has it as a high seven out of ten, but if the chapters progress like 5 and 6 have, then it could make it back into the eights again.

it also helps that i bought it…so i am in this until i can’t take it anymore and then there is always eBay. heh.

The most frustrating part overall wasn’t the brothel for me actually but the bit somewhere before that where some guy “Called for backup!” and you have to fight your way out of the alley with the snipers on the roof. It took me a good three hours to kill everyone the first time, only to discover a lockpick puzzle at the end and screw it up. It was another hour till I got to the lockpick again and succesfully made it out. I’m not sure I’d rent it again just to keep playing, but if I find a friend who has it I’d borrow it later.

Is the PS2 version of Dead to Rights still on the way? It was a PS2 game first but I’m not sure if that version got canned along the way. I’d be really interested in the game if they took some more time to polish it up and add variable difficulty levels before the PS2 release.

Everything I’ve read about SOCOM online has been extremely positive. I suspect that the quality of ones broadband provider is largely going to determine your enjoyment. But if your DSL connection sucks ass and has always been flakey, you can’t expect miracles from a PS2 network adapter.

OK, I just went looking and I stand corrected. Sounds like your standard growing pains/capacity problem. I’d give it a few weeks.

i think it was actually a PS1 game, which would explain some of the ugliness of the graphics. it shows a lot of promise, that’s for sure. i am hoping the next Max Payne takes all these problems and fixes them while incorporating some of the fun. the Disarms are really cool, as well as the variety of gun play.

definitely not a provider problem. the guy at work has both DSL and cable and was unable to get a good connection via either. plus, it appears the SOCOM team has no concept of how to program for people who are using NAT. reading the manual, there is a single line about how NAT users maybe SOL. i have also read that all AOL broadband users cannot connect.

sounds like more than growing problems for the online play.

in SOCOM’s defense, it sounds like single player mode is awsome. the headset and ability to use voice commands is very realistic.